romantic blush tones roses in london

Blouse – Vintage (similar Striped blouse here)

Skirt – Zara – Similar denim skirt here)

Coat – Vintage D&G – Love this alternative from ASOS

Shoes – Aldo

Bag – Forever21 – sold out – Similar Chloe Drew look-a-like 

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Not long after I arrived in London, Ken knew he had to take me to see to Columbia Flower Market. To be fair, he kind of got me over excited about the whole thing by telling me about all the rows of amazing flowers that were dirt cheap. I’m sure I was looking at him like a kid hearing a story about a candy factory while he was telling me about this market- wide eyed and practically foaming at the mouth for these flowers.  

how to style a denim skirt, button up skirt, blue jean skirt

a fun day a brick land in london with pretty pink flowers, a girl walking through a quite london street on shoreditch

how to style a preppy outfit in the fall, 70's outfit

a women stands in a quaint london street, wearing a bow neck stripe top and denim skirt with neutral colour trench coat

red white and blue stripes, classic preppy outfit in the winter

a women stands in front of pretty street sign in london, wearing a light blue denim skirt with buttons from Zara

how to style a classic beige trench coat, how to add layers to an outfit

Well, I’ll tell you – it’s certainly worth a visit. As MAD as it was (I mean, shoulder to shoulder, everyone screaming prices and flowers being thrown everywhere!), there was a lot of amazing florals to be had.  I only ended up getting this one bunch at the end of the market because I panicked and couldn’t make a decision. Ken offered to make another run through all the people to look for a second bunch, but we opted to make our way toward some beer and food instead.

delicious cabbage salad a souvalaki  chicken skewers from Brick lane food trucks in london

sweet pastries from Brick Lane market in london

We ended up picking up some delicious food from the Brick Lane market, which is just a few minutes walk from the Columbia Flower market. We weaved our way through the people and eventually hopped back on the tube back to our end of town. It was a pretty perfect day in our new city!

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  1. erin
    December 12, 2015 / 2:40 am

    I loved Columbia Road Flower Market the one time I went. It was insane with the yelling and the petals everywhere. I do a similar happy food eating dance. Food is just so wonderful!

    • Andrea Clare
      December 14, 2015 / 3:15 pm

      Haha ken loves my food dance, I don't even notice that I'm doing it!

  2. Live-Style20
    December 13, 2015 / 8:26 am

    so cute!! ;-)

    • Andrea Clare
      December 14, 2015 / 3:15 pm

      thank you 🙂

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