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Maybe it’s the change in season, or maybe it’s because I left half my wardrobe in Vancouver – but I’ve been buying shoes like crazy since arriving in London.  It’s like I had this sudden realisation that I had 50 dresses and nothing to put on my feet.  I did bring a few pairs of shoes, but clearly not enough. 

So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourites that I’ve been loving so far this season.

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1. Red Lace Up Flats

These little flats are at the top of my list. When I bought them, I actually thought I wouldn’t get much use out of them.  Simply because, well, they are bright red. Most of my wardrobe is pretty neutral, so I wasn’t sure I would really reach for them very much. Boy was I wrong. Not only are they super comfortable but I find they blend seamlessly with most of my outfits. I’ve got more than my moneys worth out of them already. At $56, they make the perfect holiday shoe, too!

trendy over the knee boots worn in london and paris

2. Over the Knee Boots

A few months back, I started my hunt for the perfect over the knee boot. Before I left Vancouver, I had bought, tested out and returned several pairs that just didn’t make the cut.  Either they weren’t tight enough on the leg, constantly slipped down or didn’t have the right shape at the toe.  There’s nothing worse than having to pull up your over the knee boots every step you take. I wanted them to look good in pictures, but still be practical for walking around town comfortably.  I finally found this pair at Office Shoes here in London. I believe they are a UK brand so I’ve linked a few other options at the end of this post.

four ways to wear the chelsea boot for fall

3. Flat Black Chelsea Boot

These guys were one of the few that came along with me from Vancouver to London.  Whenever I don’t know what to put on my feet, I’ll throw these on. They were cheap (from Forever21), are durable, water resistant and suit my style perfectly so they go with everything.  Easy Peasy. 

view from the top of a chunky black boot on a blonde blogger in london

4. Black Chunky Heel Boot

These are basically the more dressed up version of the previous boot. I wanted something that was going to be just as easy to throw on as the flat black boot, but made me feel a little more put together. So I went with these VERY simple black ones from H&M. I love the shape of the toe and the chunky heel on them.  The heel shape makes them a breeze to walk in. They do still rub in a few places, but that will just take time. 

river island chunky party shoes, how to photograph shoes for instagram

5. Chunky Black Party Shoe

Thank goodness this chunky heel is making a comeback. The stiletto will always be a classic, but I’m glad I can now feel trendy and comfortable all in the same shoe.  The low heel height isn’t for everyone, the higher shoes are certainly more flattering. However, when Ken and I are wandering around London or exploring Paris, the last thing I want to be worrying about are my painful shoes. These were the perfect compromise of comfort and style.

Well, that’s a wrap folks. My top 5 shoes for fall. What are your must haves for fall? Do you have any or all of these picks yet?


Xo, Andrea


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