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We all have those days where you feel anything but glamourous. It feels like it would take a miracle to get yourself together and feel human, let alone glamorous.  I have plenty of these days.  Especially now that I’m working from home and often don’t have a reason to get dressed during the day.  I can’t tell you have tempting it is to staying my PJ’s and not bother with makeup. 

Over the last few months, I’ve created an easy to do, no fail glam checklist. It’s a few ways I’ve found help me feel beautiful again, even if I have dirty hair and “nothing to wear”. 

 So here it is – my easy glam tips…

glamorous hairstyles

how to create loose curls

easy boho undo hairstyle

1) HAIR 

For me, having my hair done makes all the difference. I much prefer having my hair down than up. But on my “dirty hair” days, it tempting to just throw it in a top knot and call it a day. I’m still trying to teach myself NOT to do this. It’s just as easy to add a few loose curls to the ends of my hair to add a little glam to my otherwise limp, lifeless hair.  I also like to tie a few front pieces back and create a mini topsy tail by turning the hair on itself a few times. But the magic is all is in face framing piece in the front. Adding that loose little curl in the front is a game changer. 

easy glamorous bronze makeup


Getting any makeup on is a success in my books but if you want to take it one step farther – add some sparkle! I often add my sparkle in the form of eyeshadow. I usually don’t wear any shadow, so on days I need a little extra glam – I add a swipe of bronze shadow. Bronze shadows work perfectly on my green/blue eyes and makes them pop. If you aren’t into adding eye makeup – add a bold lip! I almost always reach for this l’oreal long wear lipstick (wearing it here) when I wear a bold lip. It doesn’t budge, and even lasts through meals!

how to dress glamorous

3) WEAR 

I’ve got to say, I’ve felt over the top glam ever since I bought this faux fur stole from Zara a few weeks back. Any fur stole screams glam but I particularly love this one because of the colour. It’s a perfect cool toned blush colour.  Any stole is a must in an glam-girls closet. I wear mine over my shoulders with casual outfits (seen here, here), tied up like a scarf on chilly days or just draped over one shoulder with a dress.

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I know it seems so cheesy, but a smile really is your best accessory! Show those pearly whites, hold your chin high and look people in the eye. Confidence is glam. Smiling actually causes a release of hormones and endorphins that create feelings of overall happiness, even if your faking the smile! So smile – it’s good for you! 

how to appear glamorous


As a photo junkie, I thought I’d add one tip for those that love photography. I’ve always found that backlight is my best friend when it comes to creating glamorous and romantic photos. It gives that glowy, magical light that it beautiful when you get it right. If you aren’t sure what backlighting is – it’s basically facing the camera TOWARDS your light source and your subjects back towards the light. Most photography is done with the subject “finding the light” and facing it, but backlight is the opposite. Give it a quick google for a full explanation and tutorials. It takes some practice but when you get it right, it’s pure glam and romance.

I hope a few of these tips help! I LOVE reading your comments and e-mails so please don’t hesitate to leave me a little something to read 🙂

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Xo, Andrea


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