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For years I always felt like I had to be wearing a red (or pink) dress on Valentine’s day. I think a lot of people think that. I actually still have that thought. “3 days until Valentine’s day, I don’t have a dress to wear!” Sound familiar? 

Today I’m sharing a couple of ways you can show your spirit without racing out to find a dress.

how to wear red on valentines day

1. The Footwear

I remember thinking when I bought these little lace up flats that I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear them. They are such a vibrant, bright colour that I just didn’t think that I’d be able to incorporate them to many of my outfits. Well, quite the opposite has happened. I find myself reach for them far more than I thought I was going to. What better day to wear them than Valentines day for a little pop of red on your feet!

how to wear a red lip

2. The Red Lip

A red lip is one way to make a statement, especially if you don’t often wear a red lip. I hardly ever wear a red lip simply because I find it to be too much work. I hate having to think about wether is smudged all over my face and touching it up all day long. Although, I have to say, I do love the way it looks. If there’s a day I’m going to suck it up and wear a red lip – it’s Valentines day.

non traditional ways to wear red or pink on valentines day

3. The Dress

The most traditional of the options but you can’t go wrong. I will use any excuse to pull this little number out of my closet.  I feel over the top girly and feminine in it, which is exactly what I want on Valentine’s day. From the colour, to the tea length cut, to the all over lace – it’s perfection.

ways to wear red on valentines day

4. Accessories  

Ok, I agree, these bright red heart shaped sunglasses are a little over the top. Ken could hardly look at me when I was wearing them all day in Paris (See the whole post HERE). But the point is, they are FUN! That’s what fashion and days like Valentines day are all about. Adding a corky detail to your outfit might give your date a giggle and spark a light conversation.

what to wear on valentines day

5. The Neck Tie

The neck tie was a booming trend over the last year and I’m all for it. I love the way it adds a tiny pop of colour and a bit of a unique twist to an outfit. When worn with a sweet off the shoulder dress (as seen HERE), it creates a playful and girly look that’s perfect for date night.

What do you plan to wear for Valentines Day? Do you have any big plans? 

Shoes – River Island, Lipstick – Loreal, Dress – Choies (no longer available – Love this option HERE), Heart shaped sunglasses – Amazon, Neck tie – Vintage

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  1. erin
    February 29, 2016 / 2:40 am

    Aw great post! I do have that same feeling of needing to wear pink or red on Valentine's day. I also want to wear green on St. Patrick's day and orange and black on Halloween. It's hard to do without looking like a grade school teacher.

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