chanel lipstick review

(left to right) : Rouge Coco Vera (#420), Rouge Coco Baume, Rouge Coco Shine In time (#93)

The Chanel counter has always been one of those spots I tried to avoid when I was shopping.  I was always afraid that I was end up giving them all my money, and I’d be walking away with nothing but a lipstick. Granted it would be an amazing lipstick, but still not worth the price I imagined in my mind. 

It wasn’t until I was back home for the holidays that I actually had the courage to take a look at the price tag, and boy am I glad I did! They are certainly no drugstore buy (they run about $38 Canadian) but I had assumed they would be WAY more expensive. I was so excited that I picked up a total of 3 while in Vancouver and I’m happy as a clam to have them in my collection.

Now, let me tell you a little about them….

the best chanel lipsticks and review

rouge coco shine lipsticks chanel

First off, the packaging is beautiful. They feel like they are made of glass, and make the most wonderful ‘clink’ when they tap together. I’m someone that would pick a new car based on the sound that the car door makes when it closes, so I’m always looking at those little details. I also love the classic and simple design of them and the way the lid has a soft ‘click’ when I re-cap them. It feels like I’m holding a piece of art!

chanel lip products review

rouge coco chanel lipstick

The colours I ended up picking were (left to right) : Rouge Coco Vera (#420), Rouge Coco Baume, Rouge Coco Shine In time (#93). Vera is the only one that is a true lipstick, the other two are more of a balm, though the Vera is also very moisturising.

Vera is a colour that I always gravitate towards when picking colours. It’s a soft pink with cool undertones. It’s very neutral and easy to apply, so you don’t need a mirror when swiping it on. It does have a VERY fine sparkle in it, which was something that almost stopped me from buying it.  Typically I avoid sparkle at all cost, however the colour and texture of this lipstick won it for me. And now that I’ve had a chance to try it out, I hardly notice the sparkle. One of my favourite things about it is that is a build able. One swipe for a wash of colour or a few swipes for a nice pink lip.  It’s super creamy texture means it’s moisturising and leaves a shiny finish.

chanel rouge coco review

The baume was one that I thought would be perfect to carry in my everyday purse. I add it on top of other lipsticks or wear it just on its own. Again, it’s very moisturising and gives incredible shine. Certainly bang for your buck here. If you’re not a lipstick gal, this is beautiful little brume to carry around.

The Rouge Coco Shine (In time #93) was one that I had to hunt for. I think it’s safe to say it’s a popular lip product by Chanel. I eventually found it at the duty free in the airport before we took off from Vancouver. This one has the same properties at the baume and feels identical when gliding on the lip. It leaves a cool toned pink/mauve wash of colour, but again, it can be built up to a more intense mauve colour. It has great shine and feels super luxurious. I find myself reaching for this one constantly.

the best chanel lipsticks and review

The only complaint I have with these products is the smell. It’s not offensive but they definitely have that smell that all my grandmas old lipsticks have.  Personally I much prefer a light vanilla scent but I wouldn’t say the smell is a deal breaker. It’s not very noticeable when it’s on the lip, but certainly something I noticed right away when swatching them in store.

So, all in all, if you love the thought of owning a Chanel lipstick or product, go give a look at the price tag, it might not be as painful as you thought! But I promise the quality won’t disappoint. I still get gitty seeing them on my dresser each morning 🙂

Who knew a few pretty lipsticks could bring so much joy!

Xo, Andrea


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