restaurants in 7 dials

Scarf – Vintage

Handbag – Prada

Skirt – old – Similar ones HERE

Boots – (I’ve since thrown them out and replaced them with THESE)

Another day, another coffee.

One of my favourite things to do here in London is to drag Ken away from the library and head out to brunch. We do our best to try something new each time but we are also creatures of habit (especially if we are hangry) so occasionally we will end up at the same place over and over again (like I mentioned in THIS post).

. I had heard about this little spot from another London blog and thought we’d try it out.  This was our first time to Canela and we weren’t disappointed

where to brunch in london

must see spots in london

best brunch spots in london

old world decor

I loved the look of the place. It had an old world meets modern look that was right up my alley.

window shot at brunch

delicious foamy italian coffee

Little touches (like coffee that comes with a cinnamon stir stick) are things I really love and appreciate. It’s the small things…

the best coffee in london

the best food in london

We both ordered a big ol’ brunch full of eggs, chorizo, tomatoes and bread. I also ordered an extra piece of bread to soak up all the drippings in my bowl – YUM!

prada saffiano double zip

how to wear an oversized scarf

copper and black coffee shop decor

It wasn’t even 10 minutes after brunch before we had another coffee in our hands. There was an event happening around the corner from the restaurant that was offering free coffee and treats – I didn’t want to be rude a refuse the coffee!

casual brunch attire

what to wear to brunch

black ankle boots

I hope you’re having a lovely Monday!

P.S If you follow on Instagram (@aandreaclare) you might have seen that we are heading somewhere warm! Make sure to follow along on Snapchat (aandreaclare) so see where we are going and bit and pieces of the trip 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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