how to add layers to you outfit like a blogger

Coat – Old navy (similar option here and here) – Last seen HERE

Scarf – Topshop

Leggings – Lululemon

Sunglasses – Rayban – on Sale! 

Boots – Acne Studio JensenWorking from home is a crazy thing. I have SO much more appreciation for anybody that works from home since moving to London and committing to my blog full-time. I’m not going to lie, full time nursing in Vancouver was incredibly difficult, but this working from home thing has turned my world upside down. While it’s super convenient and I can travel, sleep in and do whatever the heck I like (for the most part), often I find it really hard to get going and put “real” clothes on. Which is a problem because being put together is what makes me feel sane. I can’t tell you how temping it is to shower and get back in my pj’s every morning. I actually did do that for a while when I first arrived in London but Ken put a swift end to that pretty quick.

how to layer like a blogger

messy bun and rayban aviators

how to wear a scarf

Since Ken won’t let me become a total hermit sitting in my pj’s all day, I often opt for the next closest thing to pj’s. Leggings and lots of over sized layers of warmth.  I must have been feeling particularly jazzy this day because I’ve got my Acne boots on, but more often than not, I’ll throw my Uggs Boots on.

topshop grey scarf

how to style acne studio jensen boots

I complete the look with a greasy, post-gym messy bun and an extra strong flat white coffee.

You can shop the look by clicking on the images below 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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