primrose hill in london

Top – Sheinside

Skirt – Forever21

Boots – Acne Studios

Sunglasses – ASOS

Since Ken and I are heading back to Vancouver on the weekend, we’ve planned a jam packed week full of London must-do’s. Primrose hill was one of the spots we planned to visit a few weeks back but had decided to hold off because it was still pretty cold. When we woke up on Sunday, we thought we had picked the perfect day for the picnic. Blue skies and it felt like spring. Although it looked perfect, we couldn’t believe how cold it was at the top of the hill! And it was all thanks to the freezing wind. Lond story short, we didn’t last long at our picnic. We ended up gobbling up our food and finishing our bottle of champagne probably a little too quickly.

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Directly from our picnic we headed to the closest pub we could find and warmed up by the fire with a  drink in hand. What was suppose to be a quick trip to the pub turned into an all night event once Ken realized he was sitting next to Alan Ford. If you like British films, you might be familiar with him.  Ken couldn’t believe it. Ken offered to order him and his friends and a round of drinks and before we knew it, we had been chatting with the group for hours and hours. It was quite the day! Keep an eye on my snapchat to see what else we get up to this week. My user name is aandreaclare 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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  1. Chelsea Finn
    March 15, 2016 / 2:50 am

    Primrose Hill is one of my favorite spots in London! Gorgeous pictures. xx Chelseawww.organizedmessblog.com

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