Ah Palma, you’ve stolen my heart. I had no idea how much I was going to love this city. Incredibly cute, charming homes and shops around every corner, how could I not fall in love? Ken even said that people must fall in love while in Palma – it’s like the spanish version of Paris! 

We had the best weather our first day into Palma. Other than the fact that it was still a little chilly (I actually had to pop into H&M to buy the sweater because I was so cold!), we were happy with the luck we had with weather. However, the city is just as beautiful in the pouring rain. We got caught in a down pour a little later in the week and I think Ken and I were the only ones with smiles on our faces. We were sat outside under an umbrella with a glass of wine in hand. While everyone else was running for cover, we were leaning over the edge of our chairs to look up into the rain. It reminded us of home.

palma holiday

spainish holiday

green shutters

Next to Tropea, I think Palma is one of my favourite cities we have visited to date. It’s one of those places that looks like a movie set. Like it’s not real. As you look up and stare at the details of the buildings, it’s dizzying to think about how long ago all of it was built. 

blue a line skirt and neck tie

Similar to many spots in Italy, the buildings are all different colours. All the colour coordinated shutters on the windows melt my heart. I couldn’t help but twirl my way through the streets. I felt like I was in a grown up disneyland!

lace up sandals

san maguel beer 

After a few hours of wandering and many, many photos later, Ken and I found a cozy little patio to sip on a few beers and munch on a few olives and bread.

palma, spain

photography in the city

falling in love with spain

what to wear on holiday

Since we were a little surprised with the chilly weather in Palma, I had a bit of a panic when I realised how poorly I had packed. I literally only had bikinis, dresses, shorts and a few tops with me. So to keep warm, I had to layer up. In the end, I was glad I did because it almost created two outfits from one dress. On this day, it acted as a skirt paired with a top, and then I wore it again later in the trip as a dress. I tied a knot in the t-shirt to keep the feminine shape in the dress and threw on my brand new sweater on top for an added layer. I’m also still on the neck tie trend. Especially as the weather gets warmer, it adds to much to a simple summer outfit.

holiday outfit ideas


I hope your Monday isn’t too painful! Ken and I are tackling oxford street to do some summer shopping for him….and maybe a little for me, haha. Wish us luck, Oxford street is madness. Follow along on snapchat : aandreaclare I post on there daily, and probably lie bit too much 🙂 

If you’re a vlog lover like myself, I also have a new one of those up. It’s about a our day at the gym, visiting Portobello market and putting together my gallery wall in our flat. You can watch that video HERE and subscribe to my youtube channel HERE

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Xo, Andrea


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  1. Style hue
    May 10, 2016 / 7:45 pm

    Love your outfit and how you tied you tee 🙂 Palma seems like such a sweet little place :)xo

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