blonde wearing floppy sunhat on the beach throwing sand at the camera

It’s hard to believe that we sent a whole week as beach bums in Mallorca. I could easily spend 2 weeks on a beautiful beach, but Ken tends to get antsy after just a few days. But Mallorca was different. 

About two days before we were due to catch our flight home, we looked at each other and I said “I love it here, I don’t want to leave!” Ken didn’t want to leave either, so we decided we were going to ditch our flight and make plans to explore more of the island. You’ll see more of that in coming posts. It was definitely a good decision.


a women wearing a vintage denim cutoff skirt standing under a hut on the a beach in spain

a beautiful beach just outside of palma, mallorca, spain

The sand on this beach was like powder. It felt so good between my toes. The water doesnt look it best in this post because it was overcast at the time, but I promise the water was a perfect shade of blue and was crystal clear. You can get a better idea of how magical it was in THIS post.

beach photoshoot

what to wear to the beach

powder sand in spain

a blonde women wearing aviators posing under hut in mallorca spain

This vintage denim cutoff skirt has got to be one of my favourite vintage finds in a long time. As much as I love my Levi cutoff shorts, they just aren’t very flattering on my body shape. I tend to carry my weight in my legs, so daisy duke short shorts just don’t do it for me. However, a denim skirt with  a slight A-line shape to it (but still has all the awesome details of a pair of vintage Levi’s) it right up my street. I picked mine up at local vintage shop for next to nothing, but I recently saw the EXACT same thing being sold at Urban Outfitters.  The skirt version is so much more flattering on most body types that I feel like everyone should trade in their short shorts for the skirt version.

pretty blue water on the coast of mallorca, spain

how to wear an oversized mens shirt

the perfect summer hat from H&M

foot steps in the sand in spain

I’m starting to feel a little more organised after all the travel madness, and managed to get a few new videos up on my youtube channel. You can see those HERE and please subscribe for more!

Xo, Andrea


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