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I’m in switzerland! Holy Smokes! 

If you follow on snapchat (username : aandreaclare), you’ll know that we had no idea where we were going to end up on this trip. We had nothing booked until 9pm the night before we left! So unlike me, but so far it’s been a blast. 

Since we only have a few short months left in the UK, we decided to spend a final 3 weeks travelling around. Everywhere and anywhere. We are so close to so many beautiful places it seems crazy not to take advantage! So we had 3 weeks available with nothing planned but to hop on a train to that takes us somewhere amazing.   Our first leg of the trip took us to Paris for an hour (ha!) before we hopped on another train to Basel, which is in northern Switzerland. We spent the evening there (in the pouring rain!) before catching another train to Interlaken in the morning, just 2 hours south of Basel (all the photos in this post were taken in Interlaken). We couldn’t believe the luck we had with the weather! It was meant to be pouring rain with thunderstorms, but we ended up with blue skies and a rainbow! 

harder klum lookout

funicular to harder klum

We will be here Interlaken for another day before we find another train to…somewhere! Haha! At the moment we are thinking we will head over to Lake Como, or possibly straight to Venice! It’ll depend on hotel rates and what trains we can catch easily. As ‘type A’ as I am, I sure do love this spontaneous travelling!

Since I’m no good at keeping up with posts while on the road (as we all know by now…), make sure to follow on instagram (@aandreaclare) and snapchat (aandreaclare) – I post on those two places constantly! 

I put together a short video of the last two days below, just click on the video to watch 🙂

London to Basel to Interlaken, Switzerland!

Xo, Andrea


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