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I’ve been into this blue couch thing since Claire Marshall made the jump a few years ago. I love the statement it makes when you walk in a room. A coloured couch is certainly an eye catcher! 

Now that Ken and I are nearing the end of our wild adventure in London, and will be heading back to Vancouver before too long (more about that in my Q&A HERE), you better believe I’m already dreaming about what our next place will look like. Even though our Notting Hill flat isn’t exactly my taste (plus we couldn’t furnish it because it came furnished),  it’s hard to imagine a Vancouver apartment that will top it. But what girl doesn’t get excited about decorating a new apartment?! I sure do. In a dream world, I would love to invest in a beautiful blue couch (or a blush pink one!) or even scout out a vintage one, but I have a feeling Ken will vito the idea pretty quickly. For now, I’m doing my best to hunt down the most convincing photos on Pinterest hoping to get him to see blue.

(this one is more grey, but has navy undertones)

I’m trying my best not to get my heart set on a blue couch until we actually pick an apartment to move into. Vancouver has everything from box like apartments to heritage homes to run down holes. to beautiful loft style flats. At the moment, we are hoping to find something with some character, possibly in a heritage building, but we are keeping an opened mind since we will be looking at the end of the summer and most of the good places will be gone.  A blue couch would be perfect in a heritage home. I can just imagine tall ceilings, white walls, jewel toned accents and a blue couch!  

I really shouldn’t be day dreaming about this because I have feeling we will end up in a cookie cutter place, but I just can’t help myself! But at the end of the day, we are renting, not buying, so we could always move again in a year if we don’t end up with a place we love. 

What do you think? Do you love or hate the coloured couch idea?

Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel HERE – Ken and I will be doing a full London flat tour before we leave, and I’m sure we will do a Vancouver apartment tour – once we get there!

Xo, Andrea


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