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Top – Zara (Sale) – Similar item here and here via Shopbop

Tank – Vintage

Skirt – Vintage Levi’s (Similar here)

Shoes – Old Navy

Welcome to Seville, Spain! Picking up from where we left off in my last post in Deia.  So from that tiny slice of heaven, we STILL weren’t ready to head home to London. And since (at that point) we only had a few short months left before we moved back to Vancouver, we wanted to make the most of our travel time and see as much of the world as we could.  

We will be back to reality before we know it! Back to my full time position at the hospital, a few weeks holiday per year and a wedding to plan. We aren’t likely to be travelling like this again for some time 🙁

seville spain

places to travel in spain

Much like many of the places we have ended up, we picked Seville on a bit of a whim. We spent some time looking at flight and hotel prices, but ended up picking it on a gut feeling.  It’s still hard for me to believe that I survived travelling like that. No plans, last minute bookings, racing to the airport, missing trains. I am SUCH a planner and a worry wart, so I don’t know what came over me. But I have to say, it has completely changed the way we travel. Once I got over the idea that the world won’t end if we miss a train, I actually loved the spontaneous travel. It’s lead us to some amazing places, friendly people and delicious food!

spanish architecture

denim outfit

how to style summer outfit

If you also follow me on youtube, you may have seen me haul this 3/4 length top from Zara. I snagged it in the sale last season and even thought it was freezing cold in London at the time, I knew it would come in handy for our travels ahead.  I mentioned in the video that I hadn’t figured out how I was going to style it because it’s an awkward length for my body type. I said it many times before, but I tend to carry my extra weight in my legs (pear shape), so tops that hit at the widest part of my body, generally aren’t flattering. I made it work by keeping the top open (rather than tying it closed) and pairing it with a skirt that would show off my waist. By doing this I’ve created an illusion that my legs start at my belly button, rather than at the bottom of the top. The longer the legs the better!

pink building

lactose free sorbet in seville

denim cut off skirt

coffee break

all in the details

how to style a pear shape body

This denim skirt has been such a summer staple for me. I’ve always loved my cut-off shorts, but the skirt version is much better suited to my body type. I feel more comfortable and much more confident  in the skirt version and have been wearing it non stop. Adding denim to any outfit instantly makes it much more casual and laid-back.

travel spain

I hope your all having a wonderful hump day! 

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Xo, Andrea


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