Holy smokes, what a slacker. I haven’t posted anything over here in ages! If you missed the last post, Ken and I have been on a whirl wind tour around Europe over the last 3 weeks. It was a dream of a trip, jam packed full of adventure and exploring. We didn’t stay in one spot longer than 48 hours and were constantly on the move, hence why I haven’t managed to keep up with the blog. So I apologise for that. 

We arrived home a few days ago, just in time to greet my family here in London. They are visiting from Vancouver for about a week, which is so exciting!  We took way too many photos while we were away, so you will see those here on the blog as I get myself organised. But I have posted quiet a few of the photos on my instagram, if you care to see those here.

I did manage to get a new video up on youtube, so I thought I’d share it here incase you don’t follow on youtube. You can see all my videos here and don’t forget to also subscribe there!

Xo, Andrea


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