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Blouse – H&M (Similar idea here and here)

Suede Skirt – Forever21 – Similar option here, here

Handbag – Prada

Shoes – Zara (Similar option here, here)

Necklace – Topshop – Similar here

Instead of jumping back into a travel post today, I thought I’d share something a little more recent. From this past weekend in fact! Our days here in London are starting to feel very numbered. I swear I get more and more sad everyday! Not that I’m not excited to get back to Vancouver, but we just love London SO much. It breaks my heart to think it’ll likely be years before we make our way back here. 

Anyways, we are really trying to make good use of our remaining days by knocking off a few activities we’ve been meaning to do. One of those things was to see a few plays in the east end of London. Last week we went to see Aladdin with my family and on Saturday we went to see The Book of Mormon. And let me tell you, it was a hoot. Not for everyone, that’s for sure, but we loved it!

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the book of mormon

We opted to see a matinee show for a change. We actually much preferred the early show over an 8pm show. It was so nice to leave the theatre and still have the whole day to spend in Soho. We made a pit stop a pub for a cold beer before wandering to find a little spot to take a few photos for the blog.

light blue blouse and suede skirt

what to do in soho, london

burger and lobster london

From there we made our way towards one of our favourite cocktails posts in Chinatown. It’s called Opium, but if you blink – you’ll miss it! We never would have known there was a cocktail spot there without a friend showing us the spot. We have been there several times now, and we still miss the door every time. It’s a very discrete black door with a tiny sign that says “OPIUM” on it, with a huge security guard standing at the front. They always ask if we have been there before, if we have reservations, all sorts of questions. We must be saying something right because we’ve never been turned away, haha.  By this time we were starving so we ordered a few pieces of dim sum along with our cocktails. I had a delicious lychee martini and Ken had an Old Fashioned.

date night outfit ideas

prada saffiano double zip handbag

best burger in london

Once the hangry attitude wore off (that’s referring to me, not Ken – haha), we walked over to dinner.  If you live in London, you probably know all about this place, but for us Canadians, we still go gaa-gaa over it. It’s called Burger and Lobster. OMG. It’s the only burger I will eat. We split the original burger and a 1LBS lobster. We got the lobster bibs and everything, it’s so fun! I’ve included my Snapchat from the day down below – give it a watch to see the whole spread – it’s pretty impressive. But don’t watch if your hungry, haha. Toucher. 

suede skirt

After dinner we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant and hopped into an Uber home. I was so full I literally had to pop the top two buttons on my skirt open – classy, I know.  I was so happy to hit the hay that night – fat and happy 🙂

Click the Play symbol to watch my Snapchat from the night: (Username : aandreaclare)

Xo, Andrea


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