lemon trees in europe

Continuing our tour around Europe by hopping back over to Spain again today. It’s kind of an extension of my last post from Deia, Mallorca in which I briefly mentioned our beautiful hotel, Es Moli.

On our second day there, we had a good sleep in, indulged in their massive breakfast and spent the afternoon by the pool. During that time I noticed there was a garden area just below the pool that we had completely missed! So in the evening we had a little wander through before heading to dinner.

fragrant lemons in spain

picking lemons farm outfit

We ended up running into a garden of lemon trees! They were so fragrant that you could smell the tree before you could even see it! I couldn’t help plucking one for an up close sniff. I’d never smelt anything like it, it was amazing. My hands spelt of lemons until the next day. What a different organic, fresh, REAL lemons make. It really makes you think about what we purchase and consume back home. 

stop to smell the roses

girly feminine outfit

organic lemon trees

es moli hotel in mallorca

sitting poolside on holiday

soft be achy blonde curls

deia unesco heritage site

We headed to dinner just as the sunset, which was quite late! We were both getting pretty hangry, so we only snapped a few quick pictures before arriving at our dinner spot which is called Sebastian.  

deia mallorca

honeymoon ideas

The dress was a quick find in Zara while we were in Palma. Since we originally only planned to stay a week in the city, but ended up travelling for another 5 days, I ran out of clean clothes! What a great excuse to do some shopping:)

The dress is actually backless, so I covered my shoulders with a denim blouse that I tied at the waist to make it a little more dinner appropriate. I love the midi length of it. Especially after eating pizza and pasta for a week, the more covered up the better 🙂

sunset golden hour in deia

I hope you’re enjoying seeing all our travel photos from around Europe! I have a ton of posts coming from our recent 3 week getaway through Switzerland, France, Italy and Portugal. I would love any feedback on what you would like me to include in these posts. Spots to eat? Stay? How we commuted to each spot? Let me know what your invested in! Or if you just like to see the photos and don’t care about the written part…? I’d love to read your thoughts and I really appreciate the input! Thank you!

Xo, Andrea


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