sail boats on the sunshine coast of canada BC

Plaid shirt – From Ken’s old collection of plaid shirts 🙂

Short – DIY from Ken’s closet

Shoes – Keds

Sunglasses – Raybans

September 18th. The day this world became a littler weirder. 

I know everyone says it, but I really don’t feel my age. Both Ken and I are very young at heart and still feel about 20 years old. I don’t think that’s something that will change anytime soon. I can just image us at 90 years old pranking one another in our wheel chairs, haha. But to us, that’s sounds pretty dang awesome.

outfit ideas for plaid

boyfriend plaid shirt

Since my birthday fell on the Sunday after the wedding (read post from the wedding weekend here, here, here), we didn’t plan anything too crazy. Truth be told, it was the day after one of Ken’s good work friends weddings, so we had a feeling we’d be feeling pretty sluggish and dehydrated from all the celebratory drinks and late night dancing. However, we were pleasantly surprised to have woken up feeling pretty damn good! We took advantage of our lack of hangover and decided to make good use of the day – it was my birthday after all! 

over sized denim shirt

sunshine coast canada

We made our way down the the strip in Gibson’s to get a look at the water and to find some grub. Since Gibson’s is such tiny area, we ended up running into a handful of the other surviving guests and made a lunch date of it. Ken and I had some tasty fish tacos and chilli lime shrimp – nothing like fresh seafood by the sea. YUM!

black coffee and cappuccino

fashion blogger sipping morning coffee

With full bellies, the group separated, said our goodbyes, and we headed from a cup of joe (we were feeling good considering the night we had before – but a good strong coffee was certainly in order). While having coffee, we realized we had a good few hours to spend before the rain would set in again. A few days earlier we spit balled the idea of heading out to a ranch for a trail ride, but didn’t book anything because we weren’t really sure how energetic we were going to be feeling. So we made the last minute call to the farm and we were please to hear they could take us right away! So we guzzled our coffee, headed home to change into long pants and boots, and head over to the farm!

how to style gumboots

trail rides canada

I grew up riding (mostly english, but western is always fun too), so getting to hop on a beautiful horse for the afternoon was heaven. Is funny how some days just seamlessly fall into place. It really makes me question my type A behaviour of constantly trying to plan every detail of every day. 

It was a very happy birthday indeed.

western horse

pretty pony

This guys name is Snowy. He is 20 years old and is the sweetest of horses. He even gave kisses when he got treats. I think he knew I had a soft spot for him because he would nudge me so hard he nearly knocked me over – trying to get me to give him more treats! haha. I think he was saying “hey lady, I know you like me, gimme that apple! NOW!”

red plaid with a white horse

cute pig and pear apples on a farm

Gibsons sure had a lot to offer. We loved getting away from the city for a few days to take in all the fresh air. From London to Vancouver to farm life – all within one month! We sure are lucky to be living this life!

Xo, Andrea



  1. McKenzie Miller
    September 29, 2016 / 11:20 pm

    This looks like so much fun! Hope you had the most wonderful birthday! xoMcKenzie |

  2. Brianna Sullivan
    October 5, 2016 / 1:25 am

    Happy birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day! :) XOXO Bri

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