camping in the winter

A few weeks ago I said I was going to try to incorporate more of these “casual” posts on the blog. As much as my blog is a fashion/lifestyle blog, I also consider it my online diary. Some of my favourite posts to go back and look at are the ones that have a heart felt story or include candid family photos.  So I’m trying to break away from the cookie cutter “outfit of the day” blog posts and am adding in a little more real life. I hope you like it!

As I’ve mentioned many times before, my family and I own a little getaway just across the boarder. It’s a quick drive from home, but it always feels like a vacation away. Anyways, there was a massive snow storm down there that left our place covered with about 3 feet of snow. Even more than that at the road side because the snow plows had been through and pushed it into huge piles. 

Mom was getting a little anxious about the weight of the snow and what kind of damage it was doing to the roof of our trailer, so Ken and I offered to join on the trip down to help clear some of it away.

engagement in the snow

Initially we offered to go simply because we couldn’t stand the thought of my sweet mom trying to clear pounds of snow off her roof that was 12 feet in the air.  We had a TON of things to get done in the city and Ken was gearing up for a business trip to London and Paris in just a couple of days. It wasn’t exactly good timing, but we wanted to lend a hand. Plus, I can’t pass up an opportunity to visit the family pup, Chico. 

burton snowboarding

red flannel shirt shovelling snow at the cabin

Boy of boy were we glad we made the trip down with mom. The snow was just as bad as we had imaged and it was HEAVY! Just a few minutes into shovelling, we were sweating. Ken spend most of the afternoon in a T-shirt.  Luckily, one of the snow plows saw us struggling and offered to help out. What a life saver! What took him 5 minutes would have taken the three of us HOURS to clear away! In the end I was SO glad we went. We had a ton of fun, a ton of laughs and my mom didn’t have to worry about her property.

camp fire

Once we dug our way to through the drive way and toward to trailer, Ken made sure to start up a fire for the little puppy. His little paws were starting to freeze! 

so much snow in washington

handsome puppy

cute puppy eyes

Later in the evening we all cuddled up inside to watch a movie and gobbled up some tasty BBQ dinner. It wasn’t long before I was out like a light on the couch. All the fresh air and shovelling had me pooped!

bbq dinner

The following morning Ken convinced me to head up the mountain with him. See more of that to come in the next post!

We also vlogged the whole weekend. I think the video actually come our quite good. I always love watching them back – enjoy!

Xo, Andrea


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