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Now that I’m starting to see everyone post their lovely spring weather posts everywhere, I figured I better get my butt in gear and post a few of my snowy Whistler posts.  It still doesn’t feel like spring here is Vancouver. Other than a few hours of sunshine here and there, it has basically has been grey and raining for what seems like months! I’m really hoping all this dreary weather means we will have an awesome summer. 

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styling for cold weather

Seems like the weekend we took these photos was ages ago now! It was a weekend we randomly went up to Whistler for Ken to get an extra day snowboarding. All this terrible weather in the city means awesome days in the mountain, so Ken was itching to get back up there. I’m still working on loving skiing. At this point, I’m more in love with the Apres Ski portion of the day than the actual skiing. 

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beautiful british columbia, Whistler, canada

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Turns out we chose about the coldest weekend to go. Ken woke up super early in the morning to check the mountain weather report and we were shocked to see it was about -25 up there. That is WAY to cold for me. I think my little toes would fall off. Ken did hum and haw for a few minutes, trying to decide weather it would actually be enjoyable when it’s that cold, but in the end, he decided a day in the village was a better option. As you can see, we really had to layer up. I wore my warmest sweater, a denim jacket, my long black coat AND a neck scarf. If you’re thinking I look like I’m in pain in some of these photos, it’s because I was! The air was so cold, my face literally hurt. My toes, my fingers, my nose – everything! Despite the uncomfortable conditions, Ken still agreed to snap a few quick photos for me 🙂 

We only lasted a few minutes snapping a few photos before darting to the nearest restaurant for a warm drink and some lunch.

mixing textures and patterns

cold weather outfit ideas

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it’s kind of out of season!

Xo, Andrea


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