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Way back in September, back when we thought Ken was going to have to move back to London without me (read more on that heartache HERE), I booked a block of vacation intending to use the time to visit him in the UK. Thankfully, Ken didn’t end up leaving, but because I had already booked the time off work, we figured we might as well use the time in some way! I’m all about a stay-cation for a few days, but since I have a little longer than that, we decided to take off. 

We didn’t even look at booking anything until a few days ago because we are still in the midst of house hunting (and were very close to making an offer on a place last week). I just felt like too much to be planning a vacation, while planning the wedding and also trying to buy a house. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up going through with an offer on the place we had our eye on, so we decided to go ahead with the trip planning. 

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The reasonable thing to do would have been to book an easy all inclusive to Mexico or something, but Ken was eager to check out the surfing waves in Hawaii – so that was that. Plus, Hawaii has been on the list for sometime now and I haven’t been since I was a kid.  Despite my terrible memory, I can still vividly remember our family trips to Hawaii. In fact, I learned to walk, swim and skip jump rope – all while in Hawaii. Not all on the same trip, obviously – haha!

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After we scooped our jaws up off the floor after looking at what a week in Hawaii would cost us, we did a little research on where to go. Although Maui looked right up our street, we decided on Oahu. Ken found an amazing deal at a beautiful resort on the northern part of the Island. And I CAN NOT wait to go! Seriously dreaming of the sun in my face, a cocktail in hand, and to dip my toes in the crystal clear water! 

So, make sure to follow along on Instagram (@aandreaclare) cause that is where most of the action will be. I’ll also be on Snapchat (aandreaclare) but from reading reviews, it sounds like the wifi can be pretty sketchy at this resort….

So let me know if you’ve even been and where to eat, visit, explore! I would love to know!

Xo, Andrea



  1. Cindy Yu
    April 14, 2017 / 9:05 pm

    That sounds exciting! Oahu is a good first place to go if you've never been to Hawaii. If you get a chance to also visit the other islands, I highly recommend it. My favourite is Kauai – it gets the most rain than the other islands but it's super lush as a result. Jurassic Park was filmed there so if you've seen that movie, you'll know what I mean. Maui is also beautiful and lots of things to do, and I loved the Big Island as well. Have a great time! xx C.

  2. Live-Style20
    April 16, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    so cute!!! ;-)))xoxoi invite to me

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