1. Earrings | 2. White Shorts | 3. White Blazer | 4. Lace Dress | 5. Sparkle Ankle Shoes | 6. Off the shoulder dress | 7. Girly A-line Dress | 8. Block Heel Shoes | 9. Bow Shoulder Dress | 10. Formal White Dress | 11. Lace One Piece bathing Suit | 12. Simple Block Heel Shoes | 13. Statement Earrings | 14. Sparkle Bridal Shoes | 15. Layered Dress | 16. Lady-like White Dress | 17. Off the Shoulder Bathing Suit 

In honour of my own bachelorette party happening next weekend! EEK! I thought I’d share a few different ideas for your all white bachelorette looks. I haven’t totally decided what I’m going to go with yet, but I do know it will be all white. I picked up the blazer and white shorts the other day from Zara thinking I might want to do something other than my usual dress ensemble. As much as I love the combo, when it comes down to it, I have a feeling I’ll go with a dress. Who knows! Follow along on Instagram (@aandreaclare) to see a few bits and pieces of the weekend. If you saw my recent WEDDING VIDEO, you would know that it’s taking place in Las Vegas – so it’s going to be wild! And hopefully not too embarrassing….

Xo, Andrea



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