cupcake nail art

Just a super quick post today to share the nails I had done just before we left for Hawaii. You can kind of see them in action in our hawaii posts here and here

As I’m sure many of you now, I work as nurse in an Operating room, which means I can’t have my nails painted most of the year. This is simply because I scrub in with the surgeons on a daily basis and having painted nails (although beautiful) is far from sterile or clean. So, as you can imagine, when I have a few days off or am on vacation, my nails are one of the first things I sort out! 

I was particularly excited for this nail visit because I was planning something a little different. Usually I go with a neutral pink tone, but since we were headed to Hawaii in a few days, I couldn’t help adding a few little characters. I searched the internet and pinterest for probably hours before my appointment so show them exactly what I wanted and was SO happy with the result. She did each nail by hand, so it took a LONG time but it meant I got to customize each colour and character, which I loved!

I ended up with a turtle, a pineapple, lemons, a watermelon (which turned out to be my favourite!), an ice-cream cone and a flamingo. The ice-cream cone was a very close second 🙂

Just thought I’d share since I loved it so much! So perfect for a tropical getaway 🙂

cute tropical nails

watermelon nail polish

easy nail art

Xo, Andrea


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