I still can’t believe all this is finally here! 11 years together, 2 years engaged and we are days away from being married!

This past weekend my lovely mom and bridesmaids put on a bridal shower for me and since I have the worlds worst memory – I had to document it 🙂

Ken was nice enough to offer to drop me off at my mom’s house before heading to a round of golf.  AND even though he was running late, he still agreed to jump out of the car to snap a few photos with me before he took off. He looks so dark cute all nerded out in his golf gear. He looks like a golfing dad, doesn’t he?!?

My mom was so excited about these cake pops – as she should be! They were a hit!

She has a friend who does these amazing cookies and cake pops and had some specially made for the shower. She had them done in my favourite neutral colours to coordinate with the big day. Not only were they pretty decor on the food table, but they were SO tasty. I was strong and only had one of the cake pops. I managed to stay clear of the cookies (pictured later in the post), but Ken didn’t do nearly as well. I think he ended up eating about 4 cookies and 1 cake pop.

The sugar deprivation is really starting to kick in, haha.

My mom has had this huge club chair for ages now, and it made a perfect head chair for the day! They decorated it with a few pomp pomps and I joked that I felt like a character from game of thrones sitting in that thing! It was huge!

My beautiful bridesmaids that have done one heck of a job planning all my festivities leading up to the wedding!

The lovely cookies that nearly had me off my wedding diet wagon!

We call this our family portrait. The family pup, Chico, certainly rules the roost. I was a little nervous having him run around all my friends and family because he tends to get very protective and nip. It’s very common for chihuahuas to be nippy but he’s working on his bad habits, haha. But I’m happy to report that he did surprisingly well! Right up until the very end when he nipped a friends toes as she went to say goodbye 🙁

11 crazy, wonderful years in a few photos hung on the mantle.

My sister and I unintentionally matching with our “granny pleats” and the little ankle biter on the right.

My sister and best buddy Bubbs found these amazing champagne glasses that say “Mr” and “Mrs” on them. I love them so much! I think I might actually pass them along to our wedding planners on our rehearsal day to set on our dinner table on the wedding.

Bubbs and I playing the parts of Mr. and Mrs. to match the glasses. The finger on her face is suppose to be mustache, haha!

I was trying to stay reasonably healthy, but with all the tasty options, I had to dive in. I feel like I stayed in control with the portions haha. All the nervous have been helping in that department. With all this attention on me, I find my usually insatiable appetite is nearly non existent. 

Soon to be Mrs!

Is my mom not the cutest? However cute you might think she is in real live – times it by 100.

That face says it all. She is superwomen. 

You see the problem I had?!? SO hard to stay away from all this! Plus we had a ton of leftovers that were calling my name all evening.

My very creative sister came up with a few games for us to play. One of the games was Wedding Charades. It certainly produced a few giggles and red faces.

Probably shouldn’t post this one, especially considering the slight embarrassment of my bachelorette party posts here, here and here. But what the heck. After the wedding fun, we will be back to normal PG content 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo with me and all my girlfriends, but I was able to wrangle all the moms and aunts together for a photo. Memories!

On the left is the second game that my sister put together. They were true and false questions that the group had to answer and let me tell you, she didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture of me! Haha There were a few embarrassing ones in there! The top score was 16/20 which I thought was pretty darn good, so I thought it would be fun to give Ken the same quiz when he got home from golf to see how he would fair. My uncle administered the quiz and Ken raced through it in no time! He scored a whopping 20/20! Didn’t even budge on the tricky ones! That guy sure knows me well.

The constant bagger.  The product of my mom giving in to him 100 times a day. This dog gets more cheese than you would believe. Livin’ the golden life – that’s for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this little recap of my shower! I had such an amazing time and I was so grateful to everyone that took the time to come out! We all know that summers are crazy busy with other weddings and tons of festivities – so I was over the moon so many were able to make it 🙂

Let the countdown begin!

Xo,  Miss Andrea



  1. Live-Style20
    July 10, 2017 / 5:12 pm

    so nice pics = )))xooxi invite to me

  2. mark lawrence
    October 25, 2018 / 8:26 am

    Wow! You look stunning together. This is the best bridal shower I have come across. Everything is so neat and elegant. I have to share this post with my friends because whenever I get married, the bridal shower has to be like this. I have even started to shortlist wedding venues Los Angeles for my wedding day.

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