Jumping back to our little “mini moon” we took just after our wedding today!

As I mentioned in our last post about this trip, both Ken and I took a very casual approach to this trip. Both of us packed very light, wore the same clothes day after day, I only wore makeup 1 of 5 days and hardly even busted out the camera! So unlike me! But I have to say, I loved it. And I KNOW Ken loved the ‘no camera’ part!

However, by the 4th day, we were ready to put on some real clothes and get a little dressed up for a nice dinner out. Ken wore a nice light blue button up shirt (I always love him in blue because it matches his super blue eyes) and I got into another dress favourite – this lady-like plaid/gingham print dress. I bought it ages ago from a vintage shop, but it’s originally from Zara. I always seem to reach for this little number whatever the occasion because it’s just so simple. Neutral in colour, a little sexy because of the open back, lady-like length and has lots of room to grow a food baby in the tummy area 🙂

Oh, and I can’t forget it’s twirl factor 🙂

I have to give these sandals a mention. I’ve been wearing them ALL summer – and even before summer as seen in Hawaii and Vegas here, here and here! They are from Aldo, and although they haven’t exactly held up that well, I still love them. They go with everything and are super comfy.

Neither Ken or I had ever visited Naramata before this trip. We booked it on a recommendation from a friend and we are so glad we took it! We really can’t wait to get back there.

One thing we really loved is that the area is so small. During the day, we were on bike to all the wineries (see much more of that here) but in the evening, everything was a 2 minutes drive from our hotel. It made everything a no brainer. Plus the view along the roads (above) was breathtaking in every direction.

Ken reluctantly let me take a few pictures of him. I used the whole “this is our honeymoon! We have to make memories and photos to remember it!” and he gave in 🙂

We spotted this little restaurant on our way in to our hotel on the first day. Both of us thought it looked so much like the little swiss homes we saw in Interlaken! We had to see what it was all about, so we made the reservation for our last night in Naramata.

I hate to say it, but neither of us were all that impressed with our meals. In fact, dessert was the best part. But we both agreed we would probably visit again just because of this view! We sat their sipping our wine while the sun set and although the meal wasn’t our favourite, we were in heaven.

Ken hates it when I take photos of him unknowingly but seriously, what a hunk!

Xo, Andrea


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