Something very different than my usual fashion based post today! I wasn’t originally intending to share these photos but loved the way the turned out so much, I had to share! Plus I feel like I’m creating a portfolio for my friends that might want a volunteer photographer to do a shoot for them 🙂 I LOVE doing it! Next I’ll be photographing my best friend and her fiancé for their engagement shoot – it’s so exciting that our friends trust me and my amateur skills to produce something for them! 

But anyways, this post is all about our good friend Maria and her brand spankin’ new 6 week old baby, Abby. So cute! I was thrilled to be over at their place to take a few snaps of them in their natural habitat – her nursery! It was super easy to photograph because this nursery is seriously instagramable, as they say. I love the gender neutral greys and simplicity of it – exactly what I would want for myself on day 🙂

The mobile was a DIY from Pinterest. I LOVE it! So clean and simple! And I love that it was made by hand – can’t beat that 🙂

Omg those cheeks – almost as big as mine – haha! Kidding. I always joke with Ken about my huge cheeks.

I know this likely isn’t what you expected to see here on blog today, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways! I love these photos so much, I couldn’t not share them! I hope Steve and Maria love them as much as I do and one day, Abby will appreciate them and forgive us for keep her from her milk a few minutes 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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