Shorts – Forever21 (old)

Sweater – Vintage

Sunglasses – H&M

Shoes – Converse (last seen here)

A very simple post here today. One of the many outfits my mom and sister helped me shoot while away at our family cabin last week. Thank you mom and sis!

Yes, even when we are “camping” I still have some fun with my clothes. Nothing fancy (clearly) but I don’t like to be in total scrubs the whole time. Having said that, I do often change into my pj’s and Ugg boots most evenings when we are at the cabin during the Winter, but when it’s hot out, I’m usually in something like this in the evening. 

I bought these shorts years and years ago when the One Teaspoon shorts were all the rage. I couldn’t  pull the trigger on them, so I settled for this much more affordable option from Forever21. This loose fit is always much more flattering on me than something that strangles my thighs. I have another pair that I made from Ken’s old jeans that fit similarly that I love as well. I do still have a few pairs of “daisy duke” style shorts, but I’m always most comfortable in something like this pair.

If you’re having trouble sourcing your loose fitting shorts (it seems like everything out there is tight tight tight!), I would recommend sifting through either your husbands closet or your local thrift shop for jeans you can DIY and chop up yourself. It only takes a few cuts, you can customize them to your liking, and would cost next to nothing!

We had to make sure to keep this monkey close to us while we were down by the river. My mom said there had been a few bear and cougar sightings along the waters edge recently, so we were there with bear mace in hand and eyes wide open. Luckily, there was no run ins with bears that day and Chico wasn’t an appetite for some hungry animal.

Nothing like the great outdoors! I’m definitely a city girl at heart (I can’t be without my shopping and electronics!) but I grew up camping, so this girl knows how to get a little muddy at times.  I always jump at the chance to head down to the cabin for a few nights of fresh air and campfires.

If you’re wondering why all the photos in this post look so hazy, it’s because wild fires are running rampant in the area at the moment – all the way up across British Columbia as well. So while I was hoping for a few clear days while up here, there was nothing but thick smoke.

Xo, Andrea



  1. September 21, 2017 / 9:25 am

    This avatar is so simple yet so amazing. I really like the way you are carrying your dress with grace. Really adore you and thabkyou for providing the sources of your wearing..!

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