It’s got to be the simplest of outfits, but I figured I’d share what I’m wearing today anyways. As Ken likes to me tell me, I’m an over sharer! 

So far it’s just been a quiet day at home, catching up on blog work (I got 2 new posts done for next week – yay!) but later on we are going to Dinner with one of Ken’s best friends to our favourite sushi restaurant.  If I wasn’t leaving the house all day, I’d be tempted to just be in lounge wear all day but since I be venturing outside today, I had to put some real clothes on 🙂 It’s just an easy sweater and jeans outfit but sometimes simple is best! They key to the sweater is to just haphazardly tuck it in so it doesn’t look too perfect. I added the grey scarf for both extra warmth and more of a layered effect. An outfit is always more interesting when there are lots of layers. I also love a grey on grey look. My hair is second days curls which on my hair, are always better than 1st day curls. And as you can see, I’m still pinning up the bangs – they are kind of driving me crazy now – safe to say they will be grown out 🙂 My makeup is the same old same old – Loreal infallible foundation, Loreal lipstick, NYC bronzer, Maybelline blush, Loreal mascara – nothing special there!

I always love seeing these “real time” iPhone only simple outfits on other blogs so I hope you enjoy it here too 🙂 Let me know what you think! I love to hear from you guys!

Xo, Andrea


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