moving aboard

It’d hard to believe that today is the day that I can say this out loud! Or in text I suppose…

Ken and I have had something up our sleeves for about 5 months! Plotting, planning, organizing, STUDYING! And at last, we can reveal what we have been up to. About 5 days before our wedding, we found out that Ken was accepted to a really amazing business school! One of the best in the world! (I married a genius!) And it’s in Europe! It still feels hard to believe, but we are picking up and leaving Canada again! It was only a year and half ago that we landed back on home ground from London! So lets just say mom isn’t exaclty pleased, haha!

We recently sold almost everything we own, moved out of our apartment, moved in my moms place and I’m on another leave from work for at least a year. SO CRAZY! Another adventure! We are SO excited. AND we leave right after Christmas! Less than two weeks until we fly to our new country and see our new apartment for the first time in a town that I’ve never been to. Let me tell you – it’s hard to pick an apartment to live in when you’ve never been to the town!

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t all fun and games getting here. I think I lost about half my hair from stressing out the last 5 months. Ken had to complete language exams (both written and oral), get through the visa process, organize our apartment and living situation in Europe – there were lots of glitches along the way. We certainly had a few days where I really thought it wasn’t going to happen.

I filmed a video over the weekend outlining our story and process in a bit more detail. You can watch by clicking the video below or clicking HERE 🙂

It feels so good to get this out in the open! I’ve had a hard time blogging, creating videos, even instagramming because this has been consuming my thoughts and somehow it felt unauthentic to be posting about anything other than our move! But I’m back in action and I can’t wait to share more of our adventure both here and on my youtube channel. We actually vlogged throughout December (delayed vlogmas?) to document our move and the excitement! So make sure to subscribe to my channel HERE to see when those go live 🙂




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