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Phew! It’s been a whirl wind few weeks! But we are officially out of our apartment (other than our mattress – haha). It always amazes me how much stuff comes out of one apartment that we’ve only been in for a year and a half! I really thought we have lived fairly minimally (considering I’m a bit of a shopaholic) but it took days and days to get it all organized and out! If you watch our vlogs, you’ll see in our up doing moving vlog that a lot of our move was done by me because Ken has been in and out of the country so much. I get infinite back scratches and massages in return, so it’s all good – haha. But it was tough! It felt like it took us 3 weeks to move! But at last, we are here in my moms insanely comfortable home with the little puppy and we couldn’t be happier. That’s right, even Ken is loving being at his mother and laws house. He couldn’t wait to get here! 

Anyways, now that we have managed to clear a few boxes and our room looks more like a bedroom than a storage room – I thought I’d share a little of our new little space 🙂 I’m the type of person that feels totally bogged down around mess, so I spent hours on end getting us organized over the weekend. The other stuff left to organize is…surprise, surprise….Kens clothes. He has chosen to leave them in a pile in the corner of our room as you can see in the pictures below 🙂 Wonderful. But, it’s coming along!


moving aboard

designer handbags

winter style

Between the tail end of my cold and the nonstop unpacking, I hadn’t left the house in about 2 days. Ken is always eager to get me out of the house when that happens, so we bundled up and headed out for a walk yesterday evening. In true Andi and Ken fashion, we ended up popping into the local pub for a pint of beer to warm up before we headed back home 🙂

stylish in the snow

Aside from being busy with the move, I have also been on the wedding dress hunt! Even though my day has come and gone, it’s super fun to be in these shops! So much eye candy! We are currently looking for my best buddies dress 🙂 We think we may have found it but haven’t said “YES!” just yet.

Never thought we’d get this pictures! Finally, an empty apartment! Sad to say goodbye to this beautiful place but ready to move onto our next adventure.

We made sure to take mom to one of the most magical places on earth while we were still living close by. The Vancouver Christmas Market! We’ve made two visits already this year and could certainly be convinced to go again. I just love it there 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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