I have to admit, I really wasn’t familiar with the town of Chamonix until we recently joined a trip to this super cute town. I only knew the name because Ken had been talking about it for years as his “dream” snowboarding spot. So we made it a priority to visit it while living in France. It takes about 5-6 hours by train from Paris – which is beautiful in itself – and it is worth all the hype Ken has told me about for years.

Our second day there Ken was pretty darn soar from a full day on the mountain the day before. He had so much fun that he actually had a blister on his LEG! Not the foot, his leg! Ouch. So he opted to stay in town with me for the day. We were up quite late and MAYBE had one too many drinks the night before, so we had a slow start to the day. We got ourself a greasy breakfast, wandered around the town, had a bit of a shopping spree for Ken (that’s right, nothing for me! So strong!) and then found a patio to enjoy a hair of the dog.

If you haven’t already seen our vlog from the weekend, I’d love for you to check it out HERE – I think it’s one of my favourite to date. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one 🙂

Who knew we could feel so at home in place that is SO far from home. The mountains, fresh air, the cold weather. It felt a lot like Whistler – which is about an hour and half drive from where our Vancouver apartment was. The town and little shops reminded us a lot of Whistler as well. We were right at home in the French Alps!

If you watched our vlog from the weekend (watch HERE), you would know that this burger thing was an accidental order. I tried to order in French – but I panicked, clammed up and ordered the wrong thing. I ended up with this french fry burger thing. It wasn’t exactly what I was wanting but it wasn’t half bad! I was so hungry at the time that I would have eaten anything that was edible.

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And you can see our first post from Chamonix HERE where we share a little tour of the chalet we stayed in  – it was ridiculously cute.

Xo, Andrea


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