I think I mentioned it somewhere, but we’ve had our first guest arrive this past weekend! It’s so fun to see everything like it’s the first time again when you have a guest arrive. Naturally, we had to pay a visit to the huge chateau that Fontainebleau is famous for – and rightly so – it’s beautiful! I was busy snapping photos for Instagram story but half way through the visit I realized I should share a few of them here on the blog. So Instagram missed out and the pictures live here now 🙂 

It surprises me every time we have been here how intricate and huge this place is.  It’s hard to imagine how the heck they got SO much detail into every door frame, ceiling and chair in the place. Next time you’re in Paris, the visit to Fontainebleau (a 38 minute train from Gare de Lyon) is certainly worth the trip out.

Here are a few snaps from our trip to the chateau yesterday…

After spending a good hour wandering around inside, we took advantage of the surprising but very much appreciated good weather and headed outside for a wander of the gardens. The last two days have really been the best weather days we’ve had since arriving here. We keep telling Pamela (our guest!) how lucky she has been so far! It’s lovely! We even had a little picnic of strawberries, cheese, baguette and champagne in our backyard the other day. You all know how much I’ve been dying to do that!

We went full on tourist mode and decided to join a horse carriage tour of the gardens. It was only 7.50 euros per person! I was shocked it was so inexpensive. Well worth it. Plus the dog that sat up front was insanely cute. He slept at his owners feet between tours but when the horses got going he would put two paws on the front rail of the carriage and bark at people in the way 🙂 In a sweet way.

I hope you enjoyed this spontaneous and random iphone only post! I’ll have a few proper blog camera blog posts from Chamonix and Rome this week and next week 🙂

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Xo, Andrea



    • Andrea Clare
      March 26, 2018 / 5:11 pm

      it is! So pretty!

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