I’m a few days late getting this post up but as they say, better late than never!

I’m actually a little surprised I’ve been able to come up with enough things each month that I LOVE to do these posts. I thought for sure when we moved in France I’d have to give these posts up because I was PLANNING not to shop much (and thus not have new items to share) – and I don’t share things for the sake of sharing – I have to really love them and really use them all month long for them to make it into these posts. Despite my best intentions not to shop, I have caved a few times and have really loved the things I’ve picked up 🙂

First up are these jeans. I just can’t resist anything that is suuuuuuper high waist. The higher the better! All the way up to my bra is best! Haha Ken laughs when he sees my constantly hiking my pants up the sky but hey, it’s more comfortable! That’s married life baby. And because I’ve got my Grandmothers short little legs, high waist pants are much more flattering than anything low rise.

I’ve found myself constantly reaching for these all month long. They are the perfect casual denim colour, ‘hike em’ to the sky’ high waist, slightly tapered but not skinny, not too distressed, nice on the bum! I also love they they are a little cropped at the ankle – perfect for Spring – whenever that season decides to show up 🙂

You can buy these jeans HERE

Next up is my agenda. I bought this little guy shortly after we arrived here to try to keep my days structured. Having come from a job where my days were SUPER structured (my alarm went off at the same time each day, I left the house at the same time (to the minute) each day, arrived at my team board by 6:55am, report at 7:00am, and in the operating room by 7:10am) – to now, where I can be as productive or non productive as I want. Although it’s lovely to have the flexibility, I’m the type of person that loves structure.  My little black agenda has helped my get back to that. I didn’t use it a ton when we first arrived because I was still in “vacation” mode but now that we have settled, it’s come in very handy.

I really love this one in particular because it is SO simple. No sparkle, colour, details at all. Just plain ol’ black. The pages are super thick and luxurious feeling ( you can use any pen you like without bleeding). And my favourite part is that is lays completely flat! I can’t stand an agenda that doesn’t stay open on it’s own. It totally messes with my handwriting when I’m fighting the binding! I don’t know how leftys do it!

Purchase the agenda HERE

Now onto my naughty purchase. Eek. Long story short, I was meant to be looking for something small and inexpensive that I could take with me travelling. I didn’t find anything like that but did find little this little guy (and I guess was feeling spendy) and bought it. I did recently take it travelling with me but I was a little nervous I was going to break it, so I’m not sure I’ll do that again. But despite the fact that I can’t comfortably travel with it, I really love the product! I’m not a makeup junkie, but I think the quality is beautiful! And the packaging feels like something made for a queen. So yes, did not need to buy this, but I love it 🙂 And have been wearing it ever since I purchased it. I mainly use the lighter brown shade (as evidence by the marking in it) all over my lid and I use the darker shade for evening. Once and I while I’ll add a touch of the champagne colour in the inner corner of my eye.

You can purchase the same one HERE

I think I’ve got some kind of an addiction to t-shirts right now. I can’t stop buying them! There are So many that I want right now.

I bought this one from ASOS recently and have probably worn it half the days in the month of March. My go-to outfit each day has been my ASOS jeans and this t-shirt. I love its casual boxy shape – it tucks perfectly into high waist jeans. As well as the colour combo! I used to hate the combo of red and pink (it felt cheesy and Valentines) but now I love it – don’t know what that’s about but there you have it. I even took it a step farther and added a pink cardigan over top of it in my recent vlog HERE

This top is currently sold out but other ones I love are HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE

drew barrymore netflix show

I feel like I might be really late to the game on this one but incase you live under a rock like myself I thought I’d include a netflix series that both Ken and I loved in the month of March.

If you know me in the real life, you know that I love anything gory – the more blood and guts the better! Heck I had my dream job of working in an operating room for goodness sake! But if you add in Drew Barrymore to the blood – it’s a perfect pairing! I love her – she’s adorable.

The story is that Drew becomes a zombie mom and requires human flesh to survive. Her lovely husband helps her in finding her meals and the show follows the trouble they get into in doing that. It’s hilarious! We went through the 2 seasons in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for season 3 to see who she eats next! Haha

Usually I like to keep these posts (and the video that goes along with it – Subscribe HERE) to 5 items – but I decided to add this bonus one in this month. I thought it was too boring to include as a part of the final 5. So this month is 5.5 items 🙂

More than any of my other lipsticks I have here with me, I have been reaching for this boring Nivea lip balm. I think Ken actually bought it but I’ve stolen it from him 🙂 Since it’s still been so cold here, I needed something extra moisturizing and this has been doing the trick. I also have really been loving a natural lip – no colour, just my natural lip. The texture of this one is also amazing, it not thick and gooey but thick enough that it stays on for a good while.

You can watch the video version of this post on my youtube channel HERE or by clicking the video :

Now, for the exciting part! The giveaway! It’s super easy. All you have to do is follow all the links in the widget and you’re set to go 🙂 The prizes are amazing – I wish I could enter myself! I’ve been lusting over the bamboo bag since last summer!

 Good Luck!

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Xo, Andrea



  1. Natali Karppinen
    April 4, 2018 / 3:33 pm

    YSL eyeshadow pallet is so perfect for a fresh and natural Springtime look. I also love your Asos jeans, they're a perfect pair for you. :)

    • Andrea Clare
      April 4, 2018 / 3:53 pm

      Thank you! I love them too! So comfy!

  2. Kim Mara
    April 4, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    Hi Andrea, loved the post! I just ordered the Mom Jeans from asos:) Where are the slippers from that you're wearing with the jeans? The combination looks so nice. XoXo Kim

    • Andrea Clare
      April 4, 2018 / 4:04 pm

      Oh good! I hope you love them as much as I do 🙂 The slippers are also from ASOS but a while ago..Sorry! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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