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Now that our time in this apartment is coming to a close very soon, I thought I’d share a few funny/strange things about our place we’ve called home for nearly 6 months.  I sure will miss our cute french apartment, but there are certainly a few things I won’t miss about it too 🙂


This was something that really shocked me the evening we arrived to our new place. WE DON’T HAVE AN OVEN! What the heck?!? I remember looking through all the cupboards and double checking the whole kitchen to make sure I just wasn’t seeing it. Maybe it was some fancy built in European oven I didn’t see at first? But nope! No oven.  We also don’t have a freezer or dishwasher. The dishwasher didn’t bother us because we’ve never had one (except for a short time in one of our apartments) so we were totally fine with that. But the freezer kind of sucked too because I LOVE snacking on frozen fruit and Ken is a ice cream monster.  And I’m not going to lie, we really miss having an oven! Dinners have mainly consisted of pasta dishes, stirfry and chilli – haha! I can not wait to dig into some home made roast chicken and roast veggies in our next place 🙂 I suppose after 6 months without it, it will taste just that much better 🙂


Wearing :

Top : Asos

Pants : Asos

Shoes : Similar ones here, here, here

Necklace : Missoma

Watch : Daniel Wellington



I know I talk about this over and over again over on my youtube channel in regards to my hair and the hard water, but the kitchen and bathroom really get the worst of it. The limescale makes the water SO hard here that when it dries it has a really chalky look to it and is SO hard to remove. So when you consider that our bathroom has black flooring and black tiles in the shower and a glass door that loves this hard water + an all black kitchen as well – it basically looks like we’ve spilt milk all over the house and let it dry there – haha. It doesn’t matter how much I scrub that shower door – it always looks a mess. All the glassware looks dirty and I’m forever wiping and scrubbing everything in the kitchen. On the bright side, I have new found biceps from scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom nearly daily at the point 🙂 We had the same problem when we were living in London however, it is significantly worse here. Not going to miss that part of living here 🙂


We are those people that have always had cable and probably always will.  What can I say, I love T.V. I love the news, talk shows, random cooking shows and especially reality shows 🙂 But I’ve had to learn to keep myself occupied in other ways here because there is no cable! Even if we did have it, it would all be in French anyways 🙂 So within about 2 months of being here I had watched all of Friends and shortly after that Ken and I had gone through The Office as well 🙂

Last weekend Ken and I were in Paris for the night. In the morning we made a coffee and turned on the T.V. It’s so funny to think how excited I got about real TV – but I did! We watched BBC and it was glorious! All the colours, the imagery, the english! Haha Pretty sure I was sitting there googly eyed for about 20 minutes.


No, we aren’t dirty slobs! We just love trying new French cheese! You have to when you live in France – even it means your house stinks 🙂 Since the fridge is SO tiny (like a camping size fridge) the smell tends to take over it pretty quickly. The fridge is also very close to the living area which is very open to the rest of the house so whenever either of us go into the fridge for something – the cheese takes over the house! We actually try not to have any in the fridge when we know we are going to have people over because it tends to linger a while too 🙂  So if you show up to our house unexpectedly, I’m sorry we stink 🙂


This one really dives me nuts but unless I want our front yard to turn into a landfill – I’ll have to dumpster dive. Long story short, the upstairs of the house we live in is an Air B&B rental so there is someone new in there every few days. They are usually kind enough to bring their garbage and recycling down to the bins on their way out HOWEVER – they almost always mess it up. Garbage in the recycling, pizza boxes with pizza in still in it in the recycling, filthy yogurt cups, ect. It has to be corrected before the bins go out or they just refuse it with a big red tape across the top of the bin saying it’s no good.  I did e-mail the company the first few times this happen and they came to sort it out but eventually they stopped helping and I’m left with the mess every few days. IT SUCKS! Certainly not in my rental agreement to be sorting through other peoples garbage and recycling! Didn’t realize my life in France was so glamorous, did you!?? Haha

Nevertheless, we will really miss this place and especially this backyard!!! Really wish we had this space over summer but the next place will be awesome too 🙂

I also did a video on the same subject if you care to see that, you can watch HERE or click on the video below 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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