If you find yourself in Rome anytime soon, I can’t recommend this day trip outside the city anymore! You have to go.

I’ve mentioned it a few times that Ken and I have been getting into signing up for Air B&B experiences when we are travelling. Especially when you have a few days in a spot – it’s so much fun to sign up for a excursion. We’ve had nothing but amazing experiences with the excursions we have signed up for on Air B&B – this one being the best so far.

Ken and I have been to Rome once before this trip so we had already seen quite a bit of the city (although we only got ourselves to the colosseum the day before – see that post HERE), so we wanted to try something a a little different. And since we left for the airport within 2 hours of Ken finishing his last exam – we didn’t really have much time to plan anything beyond the flights and hotel (Ken was super busy studying and we like to plan together :)).  So, we signed up for a quick day trip outside of Rome through Air B&B experience to a town called Frascati to tour a 9th generation winery! (NOT sponsored – we just loved our day there).

The exact experience we did is linked HERE

We took the train from central Rome about 20 minutes (also a beautiful commute) outside of Rome, hopped off, and were met by a very bubbly women. She gave us a quick tour of Frascati, took us to a small shop for our first sip of Frascati wine, to a bakery for a sweet treat and into a church in the town centre. After about an hour in town, we all hopped into her car and she took us the short drive to the 9th generation winery that is owned by the cutest family. We were told that on lucky days, the father will join the tour and tell tales of his winery. We got very lucky because he was thrilled to tell us all about his home and wine 🙂 He didn’t speak any english so our tour guide had to translate all the way through but you could certainly feel the passion he had for his land.

Make sure to watch the video from the day to see it yourself.

Click HERE to watch

This is the house and tour kitchen on the land. I fell in love with the huge blue doors on the place.

The owner took us around back to meet his donkeys. Our tour guide told us that these donkey love him so much and they were so affectionate with him as he fed them some lunch 🙂

Once the donkeys were given some love and lunch, we made our way into his winery museum that is attached to the back of the house. He was so excited to show us how the place was made, how the wine is tested, all the old tools he had set up in there.

By then our bellies were rumbling, so we sat down for a full lunch cooked by the family. We had amazing fresh bread with the best olive oil, a charcuterie board, the most amazing pasta dish that I’m still dreaming about, and a palate cleansing plate of balsamic strawberries and greens. All of course came with unlimited paired wines made by them. We were all feeling pretty giggly by the end of lunch 🙂

I picked this skirt up from ASOS just a day before we left for the trip. It has that Pretty Women/90’s feel to it that I thought worked perfectly for a day in small town Italy. I’m also really into the midi length skirt right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve put on a few travel pounds since arriving in France and prefer the extra coverage 🙂 Either way, it made a perfect travel outfit. I added the denim jacket on my shoulders for a little extra warmth and really loved the mix of brown and denim.

Skirt – Asos (Other polka dot items I love HERE, HERE, HERE)

Shirt – Vintage

Denim jacket – Really old – Similar ones HERE, HERE, HERE

Sunglasses – also really old – Similar style HERE, HERE

Shoes – Vintage – Similar ones HERE, HERE, HERE


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We also vlogged our day in Frascati (which I think actually shows how amazing the day trip was better than photos) So make sure to give it a watch HERE or click the video below :

Xo, Andrea



  1. Natali Karppinen
    May 16, 2018 / 4:54 pm

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful photo diary, everything looks so dreamy and movie like! I have also watched your video, you two are so cute together!

    • Andrea Clare
      May 17, 2018 / 9:08 am

      Aw thank you! I love having those videos to look back on – so many good memories 🙂 Thanks for following along and watching!

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