I have my husband to thank for this little photoshoot here.

He said to me “why don’t I leave school a bit early and we can pick up some champagne and snacks, have a picnic and take some pictures?” HECK YES! I think he just feels bad that I’m home alone a lot but I’ll take it – haha!

It turned out to be the most lovely evening to do it too. There were a few other couples and friends doing the exact same thing nearby. It was early in the spring season too so a warm evening felt heavenly! Or maybe that was the champagne going to my head….who knows 🙂

This little bag has very quickly become a favourite.  I love the texture it added to any outfit. It makes any outfit feel more summery. It’s recently gone out of stock but I’ll still link it HERE just incase it comes back in stock. I recently picked THIS one up as well. Ken would probably say they are the same thing but they aren’t! One is more of a bucket shape and the other is a rectangle. Totally different 🙂



Dress – Asos

Denim jacket – Asos (similar ones I love here, here, here)

Bag – Shein (I also have this one this)

Sunglasses – Asos

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Shoes – Similar ones here, here, here


One thing I’m really going to miss about living in France : Cheap champagne. We seem to have a reason to “celebrate” far too often these days. But when a bottle of the good stuff is 20 Euros – you have to take advantage! And that we do indeed. We always love picking up a bottle to have in our backyard when friends and family come to visit as a little ‘Welcome to France” celebration.


Xo, Andrea



  1. NIKA
    June 3, 2018 / 10:28 am

    The dress is really nice, and I know what you mean, last year we spend also some days in Southern France on a road trip with some friends and my brother and the cheese selection is amazing and sooooo cheap in comparison to Austria, Czech or even UK!:)

    • Andrea Clare
      June 5, 2018 / 8:21 am

      yes!! I guess it'll be good for my waist line 🙂

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