Well, I guess moving countries means no blog posts for awhile 🙂

But here I am again – I’m back after a short break to move, get organized and settle in to our new home!

I really can’t believe our time in France is up! Those 6 months flew by – as I knew they would. It already feels like a figment of my imagination – like it never really happened. 

Today I thought I’d share a few pictures I had taken in our final weeks leading up to the move. I actually didn’t take as many as I should have because we were just focusing on visiting with family and really soaking up the last few days we had left in Fonty. As much as I love to take photos and share them, at times it can be hard to really be in the moment when you’ve got a camera glued to your hand.

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My Mom, Uncle and Aunt made to trek across the pond to visit us before we left France. They were troopers and spent about 3 weeks travelling around Germany, France and Belgium! We had several nights in our backyard with them sipping wine, eating and watching Wilson 🙂

Check out those sleepy faces. 6:30am isn’t the best time to snap a photo but I had to document our last moment at our little french apartment in Fontainebleau. So many great memories here we won’t soon forget 🙂 You can take a tour of our whole home HERE on my youtube channel if you love to see inside peoples homes as much as I do 🙂

The calm before the madness of ripping my wardrobe apart 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed having a clothing rack in this space – not only was it functional but it also added a lot of interest to the room. The only problem is that you have to keep it super tidy ALL the time otherwise it quickly becomes an eye sore.

True be told, I was a josie grossie during this moving process. I wore the same denim dress outfit about 3 days in a row – haha! I didn’t want to create more laundry before moving and it was just so darn comfortable I couldn’t help putting it back on each morning. 

My no makeup makeup face. Just some concealer, brows and bronzer. Ken actually prefers when I do my makeup this way most days. The trick for me is that my hair has to be styled for me to pull it off. If my hair is a mess, I always feel more comfortable with a little more makeup on. Balance out the cute and not so cute 🙂

Our amazing wedding photographer (Christine Pienaar) came to visit us in Fontainebleau! She was very kind and offered to snap a few pictures of us in our temporary town in France so we would have a few nice pictures of the two of us as a memory of our time here. One day we can show the grandkids that grandma and grandpa lived in France when they were young newlyweds!

Cheers to the fact that Mom, Aunt and Uncle some how managed to get themselves from Gare de Lyon in Paris all the way to Fontainebleau on public transport without any data on their phones. They do everything old school (like paper maps and researching before they leave the house) so we didn’t have much faith they would make it to our place on time – haha! But they proved us wrong! They were early! It’s a miracle – haha! Sorry mom 🙂

One of my favourite purchases I have made lately. These loosy goosy culottes (that are under $20!) are SO comfy and are completely my style. I love the stripes, the fit, the blue tone in them – and best of all the price tag 🙂 I’ve worn them time and time again and I’ve only had them a few weeks!

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3 things that took me through my War Tour trip with the family. My Away suitcase, my trench coat and these slip on shoes. Trip would not have been the same without these things – love them all!

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Last but not least – there is a bonus video up on my youtube channel this week! I don’t know what go into me but once we got the ball rolling with the move – I started filming like crazy! So this one is a mix of a vlog, an empties video and a haul sharing a few things I’ve been loving in my closet lately 🙂

Click the video below to watch 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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