Ah, Rome. Such a lovely place to just wander around and look around at the beautiful buildings. We love this place. So much so that this was our second time back! It’s actually one of Ken’s favourite places we’ve been so far.

True to our nature, we our trip to Rome came with very few plans. We had no idea what we wanted to get up to while we were there. We just tend to wander around and see where we end up! And I have to say, it all came together perfectly. So I thought I’d share a few of a few of the spots we landed in. What we ate and where we stayed because they aren’t the typical spots you find in a google search.

So here we go – Where to stay, eat and a unique (non touristy) spot to visit 🙂


Trastevere is one of those areas that is a little off the beaten path. Not directly in the centre of Rome, but an easy walking distance from most tourist posts. We initially found it by chance on our last visit to Rome, while we were doing our usual wandering around. We stopped for a mojito on one of the corners and promised ourselves we would come back again soon. So almost 2 years to the day, we were back on the same corner! The area has more of an authentic feel to it with lots of locals around and a young atmosphere. At night, the area is very busy and full of night life. We stayed in a beautiful Air B&B there and absolutely loved it.

In the afternoon, we left Trastevere and set out for a haircut for Ken. After weeks of studying like mad, he was in desperate need of a trim.

This barber spot is a bonus to this post. I hadn’t intended on including it in my list but I have to say it was amazing. If you are in need of a trim while in Rome, this place is a fun spot to visit 🙂

Had to get that after shot 🙂


So once you’ve seen all the usual tourist spots, you can add this beautiful place to your list – Orto Botanico Di Roma. Again, we randomly bumped into it and were pleasantly surprised with what was behind the gates. We grabbed a bottle of champagne and made our way into the gardens which are located HERE

We were there during off season, so things didn’t look quite as luxurious as they would later in the season but it was still VERY pretty – and right in the middle of Rome! Who knew!

We had an amazing time popping our bubbly at the top of the botanical gardens, listening to the birds and feeling like we were in Hawaii but actually in Rome.


Blazer – Mango (Similar ones HERE, HERE, HERE)

Jeans (old from H&M) Similar ones HERE, HERE

Sweater – Shein

Handbag – Gucci

Sunglasses – Similar ones HERE, HERE

Shoes – thrifted – Similar ones HERE, HERE, HERE



It might sound funny but a big part of the season we decided to go back to Rome on this trip was because of one pasta dish. The black truffle pasta from a restaurant called La Scala in Trastevere. 2 years later and I still hadn’t had pasta as good as that one. It isn’t cheap (I think it’s about 22 Euros) but it is completely worth it.  We have been to the restaurant multiple times and it’s the only thing we’ve ordered from them 🙂 So I highly encourage you to give it a try on your next Roman Holiday.

Side note : What a hunk I married! Who wouldn’t want to be sitting in that chair next to him with a cocktail in hand! Nearly 13 years later and he still makes me weak at the knees.

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Xo, Andrea


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