Well it certainly feels like June here in London. We are still in the middle of a heat wave that has left me dripping sweat almost 24/7 – haha! It just doesn’t stop! But I do love it. Although it has made trying to cool down after a workout nearly impossible. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE is the name of the game right now.

Anyways, onto June favourites! As you know, we’ve been hopping around moving countries and what not so I’ve been doing my best (although still failing to a certain degree) not to shop and accumulate too many THINGS. This months faves include some fashion, but also a new technique and a snack! I thought since I don’t really have new THINGS to share, I’d start to include more ideas, thoughts, inspiration, techniques, short cuts – anything that puts pep in my step.




First up are a little thing I bought for the new apartment! I mentioned in my recent vlog HERE that the place was a little plain and drab so I wanted to add a TINY bit of my own decor into it. Flowers always add so much life to a room but they can be pricey, especially if you are buying them for a few spots in the house weekly. This year is expensive enough as it is, so I set out for a nice bunch of silk ones. I picked these one up on Amazon for a very reasonable price and was VERY pleasantly surprised with the quality of them. Hands down the best silk/fake flowers I’ve ever had.  They are a really beautiful soft blush colour (almost with a hint of peach in them) which we all know I love 🙂

I did pick up two bunches of them to get the volume I like 🙂




Next up is beauty regime or – lack there of. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s the sweltering heat, but I have really being loving a natural face lately. I find that my usual “full face” just doesn’t look good by the end of the day (I cringe when I look in a mirror!).  So I took it down a notch and have been doing this (pictured above) most day of the week. I still do go all out if I have somewhere to be or am meeting Ken for date night but keep going back to the naked face!

All I do is tap with my fingers a TINY (really, TINY) bit of my MAC Pro longwear concealer (under my eyes, around my nose and sometimes between my eyebrows and on the chin), fill in my brows just a bit (not as much as I do when I’m going full face) and add a little bronzer to warm up my face! And tada – done! I have a feeling this will be my mom face when we have kids one day – who has time for a full face when you’ve got little ones clawing at you! I know I certainly won’t. So I guess I’m practicing 🙂

I also think it has something to do with my Ordinary Retinol cream too – that stuff has changed my skin. You can purchase it HERE




This has been a go-to summer snack for years now but I have really been appreciating it through this heat wave.  Frozen grapes are like little frozen candies! Natures popsicle. I probably eat too many of them but oh well. They are a healthy alternative to other things I might grab to snack on and they help cool me down.

All I do is wash them, pluck them off the vine, throw them in a bowl or zip lock and leave them in the freezer over night. The trick is to only put a few in your eating bowl at a time too keep them from going mushy on you. Nothing worse than a mushy half frozen grape! Plus it keeps you in check a little bit – you’ll only get up to get more if you REALLY want them. Which in my case, I always do.




I picked this top up the day after we landed in London and have worn it more than most of my clothes in my closet – haha.  It’s SO good. I love the swishy fabric that is so great for tucking into shorts for a loose easy London look. As well as the colour and size of the stripe. The blue in it isn’t too dark or bright against the white. I especially love it paired with denim (as seen above with a denim skirt or distressed denim shorts). I find even in the heat, it’s loose and breezy enough that I don’t get too over heated in it.

I wasn’t able to find it online so I have a feel it’s in the huge sale happening right now. So if you have a Zara near you, get to it!




Lastly, my Daniel Wellington watch. I was kindly gifted this watch from them several months ago and have hardly taken the thing off since. I’ve never really been a watch person but I have seen the light and now understand how much they can elevate an outfit. I have mine in the 28mm rose gold colour and really do love it. At first I thought the 28mm might be a bit small, but now that I’ve had it a while now, I much prefer the petit and feminine size of it. The colour, the size, the design makes it SO classic and elegant 🙂 I feel naked without it now!

PS. Not at all sponsored, they have no idea I’m talking about it, just love it 🙂

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Xo, Andrea


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