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Oh boy, it’s almost embrassing to be posting this so late into the month! I even got the video up on my youtube channel before I got the post up! I don’t know what happened! I got distracted with other content (mainly vlogs – been loving making those!) and kept putting it off, but here we go!

July favourites.

brown polka dots




First up are these dreamy brown and cream polka dots. All dots in fact. I can’t stop buying them! I shared several other spot covered getups I’ve been wearing and loving this month in the youtube video including this jumpsuit and this polka dot dress. The polka dot dress in the video (the navy one) I’ve been wearing a ton. It’s as comfortable as pj’s and is so modest that it’s been my go-to Tube dress. (it would also be great for mom’s chasing little ones all day!) Meaning, it’s the dress I wear on the Tube most often just because it has a bit of length to it and doesn’t draw and unwanted attention.

I think if you can find the right dot for you, you’ll want to wear it all the time. Something about them instantly makes me feel put together and stylish. Personally, I love a small dot, that is cream rather than white and this brown one is the DREAM! It feels sexy, yet glamorous, rich and vintage! Doesn’t get much better than that. You can buy it HERE or click image below.

brown polka dot dress

cute evening dress

pretty summer dress

how to wear raybans




I took these sunglasses with me when we moved to France because they have been my go-to for YEARS. Ever since I had a few margaritas in Las Vegas and thought it would be a good idea to splurge 🙂

I don’t think I wore them even ONCE in France. When we were in France I found myself dressing very feminine, in tulle, blush toned colours – so I was reaching for something more girly than my raybans. But all that changed once we got to London and back to big city life and especially while at home in Vancouver in July. London and Vancouver are so much more metropolitan, urban, low key. They raybans definitely  work with WAY more outfits here than they did in France.

best suitcases




Ever since we started on this journey around the world, I’ve had a few questions on what we use to lug around all our stuff. Before the move, Ken and I always had random luggage (not instagram worthy stuff!) and always felt that was fine for us, but we wanted to invest in something that would last us and treat us well on this year long trip. So, we invested in the Away suitcases before heading out of dodge. We bought the regular sized carry-on (not the bigger carry on), the medium and the large.

I have to say, so far so good! We love them! They are a solid hard case suitcase, they fit a ton of stuff in them and are super sleek looking. One down side: the large suitcase is VERY easy to over pack. It’s HUGE! If I’m not careful, I’ll easily go over weight for a flight. I am also not crazy about the fact the the carry on has a built in portable charger just because I always carry mine with me anyways, and it takes up a little extra room in the back of the bag. Other than that, there isn’t much to complain about – highly recommend them!

You can watch the video to see them in action and a size comparison.

away carry on suitcase

away small suitcase review

pretty earrings




Al though I’m not a huge jewellery rotator, I think I’ve only taken these earring off a couple of times since getting them. I wear them in the shower, with dressy outfits, to the gym, with casual outfits. Litterally don’t take them off and they have been a dream! In the photos they look like a clear stone, but often in lights they look a VERY light lavender purple colour – so pretty! You can buy them HERE. I also really love these simple studs, these ones, and these ones – all in the same style family 🙂

simple brown sandal




I feel like I go on and on about these shoes but I think I have good right! I was onto something all those years ago I bought these suckers! The simple brown criss cross sandal is all the rage this summer. In particular these ones from Nordstrom.

I feel like a broken record here, but they are a no brainer – they go with everything in my closet. All my dresses, all my casual denim outfits (see posts including them here, here, here, here). I wear them in the city, camping, in the water, the grocery store – I have to really stop myself from not wearing them everyday.

As I mentioned in the video, I didn’t bring these with me when we moved to France because we moved in January and I wasn’t going to be needing them for a LONG LONG time. But I tell ya, I couldn’t wait to get back home to pack this in my suitcase back to London. I just can’t do summer without them. They have seen better days, so I’ve got my eye on THIS pair that is almost identical as well as these, these and these.

retinol review




Just one honourable mention to a previous favourite.

I’ve been asked a few times lately if I still love the retinol cream from The ordinary – and YES I sure do! LOVE THE STUFF! I would consider it a holy grail at this point.

I have pretty sensitive skin and I haven’t had any issues with dryness, sensitivity or irritation. I find it really helps with my skins redness and keeps it nice and calm overnight 🙂

I buy mine from HERE

That’s all for July – short and sweet as usual! You can watch the video version of this post down below – where I show the luggage and clothing in action – a little more exciting that pictures I think 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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