Well, I never thought I’d say this but….

WE MOVED! AGAIN! To the most insane place…



Yes, we did it.

Rewinding back to the day we moved.

The day started out pretty relaxing, I’m an early riser so I was up bright an early with a face mask. Honestly, the only reason I did it was because I was trying to minimize what we had to pack so I used up what I could that morning. Ken on the other hand, was catching up on his Z’s. The poor guy had been through a gruelling 10 weeks of intensive work and had hardly slept in the process. No exaggeration, he got about 2-4 hours slept each night, especially in the final week. He was pooped. I made him breakfast in bed, and made sure he didn’t have to worry about to much to day of. OH and don’t forgot that this was a 13 hour flight we had to get on, then he was back to school the next day – in another time zone! The guy is an energizer bunny.

Luckily packing is easy when you don’t have any possessions other than clothing and a few computers. We just had to throw everything in our suitcases (2 large, 2 carry on and 2 personal) and be on our way.

(I hate this picture of myself but LOVE it of Ken, contrary to my vlogs, he is the most happy, up beat, optimistic guy I know – I just love the little smirk of excitement :))

As most of you know, Ken is attending INSEAD – a really amazing MBA European school. We were in Fontainebleau, France for the first 6 months of the program, moved to London in the middle of June and now have moved to Singapore for the remainder of the MBA.

One of the reasons Ken loved the idea of going to INSEAD was that it was international. WHEN are you going to have the opportunity to live in 3 countries in 1 year ever again?!?! For us, probably never. The program costs a small fortune, but it provided us the opportunity to move abroad and experiencing something incredible.  Not only was he gaining an MBA, but we were going to travel the world in the process.

Long story short, we applied for the schools exchange program (which is done by bidding) and we got it! It’s a very surreal moment to realize you’re moving to Singapore! We certainly could have chosen to stay in Fontainebleau to complete the program, but we wanted to get the most out of the year away.

Although, all is not that simple! Next up was finding an apartment (which was MUCH more difficult than we ever imaged and almost didn’t happen), the visa process, setting up bank accounts, transferring money – all remotely. It’s nerve-racking – that’s for sure! I’m thankful this is the last time I’ll have to chose an apartment without viewing it ever again.

(I also vlogged the moving process – watch the whole thing on my youtube channel HERE)

(Side note : the swimsuit I’m wearing is one HUGE clearance (£11) you can buy it HERE )


Everyone tells you “it’s going to be fine, it’ll all work out” – but you never really know until you’re there, you’ve been through customs and you’ve seen the apartment. We have YET to see our new apartment (I’ll share more on that experience down the line – it was a nightmare and we almost didn’t make it here!) but have high hopes it will work out.

For now, we are in a hotel. Yup, we moved to a hotel. Haha I can’t even believe it myself but here we are. The one we choose is called the M Social and has been lovely! If you find yourself in Singapore, I would really recommend it.  The room is beautiful (as shown in the pictures), the staff are amazing and they have a great pool. It’s boutique style, so if that isn’t you’re thing, this place maybe isn’t for you.

They even have a ROBOTS!

I have seen one that wanders around the property delivering items (towels, orders ect,) to rooms and one that makes you breakfast!

We were pleasantly surprised to meet one in the elevator our first night. It joined us in the elevator and said “Hello, I’m heading to the 10th floor, mind if I join?” and then it asked ” Do you need me to bring another to your room?”

It kind of looked like R2D2.

WHAT THE HECK! We didn’t know what to make of it! Every so often I see it wandering down the halls to clean or make a delivery.

The cooking robot is in the main bar/restaurant. It’s made up of 2 robotic arms and cooks your eggs to your liking. Amazing right?! Everything feels so futuristic here! We love it!

It kind of feels full circle because my speciality (and favourite room to work in) was the robotics room in the Operating Room. I LOVED the team I worked with and Jack (the robot) was the centre of the team. Great memories with that guy πŸ™‚

1 day in and I have to say, there are so many reasons to love this place.

Even though we are farther from home than we’ve ever been – somehow I feel closer.

More to come. Including why we are in a hotel and other first impressions of Singapore.

Xo, Andrea

Watch my latest video HERE or click the video below :



  1. Lauren Loves Laughter
    August 29, 2018 / 10:30 pm

    Oh that is so exciting!! Singapore is such a cool place! I’m from Perth Australia so it’s pretty close to us and I’ve visited a few times! I can imagine it would have been a pretty crazy experience getting everything sorted to move! Have fun and enjoy the awesome food that they have there! Lauren xxLaurenloveslaughter.com

    • Andrea Clare
      August 30, 2018 / 3:54 am

      Ah yes! We have noticed ALOT of Aussies here! t's a beautiful place – so far so good πŸ™‚ The move was a bit crazy and are still working on the visa process but slowly but surely we will get there πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

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