I got this bag in the mail last night and woke up so excited to get dressed and wear it out today  🙂

 I’ve been eyeing the the original by Shrimps but I swear I have found an EXACT dupe for the bag.  I would love to have the original, but for the price, I just couldn’t pull the trigger on such a trendy item.

I snagged this one from (buy it HERE) for $36! SUCH A BARGIN!

I had just pulled it out of the bag the night before so it needs a little reshaping but I think once it settles, it will look almost identical to the Shrimps one. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that the interior of the bag is a light coloured satin, whereas the Shrimps version is a beautiful brown leather. But for hundreds of dollars difference, I can deal with it.

The dress is another purchase that came in last night. It desperately needs an iron but we don’t have one (moving around the world problems), so I soaked it on the sink last night, pulled and tugged the fabric around to try to get it to straighten, let it dry in the humidity outside last night aaannndddd – nothing happened – haha! I think I need a proper iron to sort this one out but nonetheless, I love the dress. AND it’s $10! Also from I can’t say it the best quality – but I do love it 🙂

You can buy it HERE



Dress –

Bag ($36!!!) –

Shoes (old) Similar – here, here, here

Sunglasses –

Watch – Buy here

Necklace – Missoma


So, what better way to test drive a new bag than taking it for a trip to the ICA Visa office in downtown Singapore?!? Haha Probably not the most practical bag to take considering we had paper work to take along with us, but I couldn’t help myself 🙂

I always get a little nervous about all this Visa stuff because they always warn you that “it’s a case by case basis”. Nothing is for sure and it’s all a big maybe. It’s nearly impossible to get a straight answer out of anyone or any website and it’s very difficult to get questions answered. I’m the type of person that just needs a solid yes or no. I hate grey areas – especially when we are talking about a married couple living abroad. Ken won’t run into any troubles, it’s always me I get a little nervous about because I’m just the tag along on his student visa.

Anyhow, we had a lovely drive into town, just as the sun was rising, I wasn’t letting my nerves get the best of me. BUT just as we were pulling into the front entrance of the ICA building, our Grab driver said “oh hey, did you know they have a jail below this building, that’s where they get you ready for deportation! OKAY, thanks, have a nice day, bye bye!”

Ok, I know I have nothing to worry about – there is absolutely no reason we should run into any issues, but that’s not what a nervous Nelly needs to hear as we are arriving for our appointment! Haha He was actually super nice, but yikes! Too much detail.

Long story short, all went fairly well inside. We had a few annoying things happen that had my wanting to pull my hair out. But nothing too painful.

However, the officer we spoke to for my visa was a bit of a crab. As I said before, a lot of this is grey area, so we took the opportunity of being in front of someone to ask a few questions and clarify a few things before we left. WELL, she snapped back with “I already told you! NO I already told you that!”

I was shocked! She hadn’t really answered our question so yet again, we felt like things were unclear. Anyhow, we are sorted now so I can breathe a sigh of relief.

But I tell ya, the anxiety of what could happen, what will happen, what might happen is never ending with all this moving around.

I am far from a rule breaker. I just want to know what I need to do – and I’ll do it!

By the time we were both stamped, verified and approved, it was about 11:00am and we were starving. We pulled out our phones – which also got us in trouble! We were outside the building so we thought we were ok, but a guard quickly pulled us away and asked to see my instagram and photo file to make sure I wasn’t hiding any video or pictures – yikes! I was in the clear but we waited until we got into a cab to pull our phones out again.

We googled a local hawker (local food court) and made our way over, only to find out it was closed until the following day.

The cab we had taken over there had driven through Chinatown so we figured we might as well make our way over there and wander around a bit. We didn’t last wandering for too long because it was INCREDIBLY hot today. We were hunting for shading and cool spots to hide. Plus, poor Ken didn’t have any sunscreen on so we were very aware of that 🙂

We eventually found a hotel that still served breakfast. We had waffles, pancakes, eggs, tomato, coffee – the works! (Didn’t get a picture, but it was on my instagram Stories HERE). I had been starving in the car, but by the time we found food, I wasn’t that hungry – I think it was the heat.

I took this picture for my mom because it looks a lot like the family pup, Chico. This guy was maybe a little less apple-headed than Chico 🙂

When we got home, I started editing these pictures, Ken went for a big run (burnin’ off those waffles!) and then we went for a dip in the pool in our building. That was our day today! It started out a stressful one but all turned out well 🙂

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Xo, Andrea


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