We are back from our much anticipated honeymoon in Bali! Ken and I got married going on a year and a half ago but only just got around to doing our OFFICIAL honeymoon last week. When we got married, we had only JUST found out that Ken was accepted to INSEAD in Fontainbleau, France. Literally the week before our wedding. It was a maybe for a long long time then BOOM we going, but first, lets get married real quick – haha!

We felt like we had a lot going on to say the least. So we decided to hold on the honeymoon until we could really take the time to plan it and not feel like we were in the middle of a whirl wind.

Once the wedding was over and we had ourselves sorted for the move to France (you can watch those vlogs HERE), we realized that if we waited until the end of this year, it would be super easy to get ourselves to Bali because we had planned to do an exchange here in Singapore. 2.5 hour flight vs 24 hours of travel from Vancouver. Easy choice for us. We opted to wait.

We were lucky enough to be able to do what we called our “mini-moon” right after the wedding in Naramata, which is only a few hours drive from Vancouver. Although that was meant to be a bit of a filler trip, it ended up being one of our favourites to date. We talk ALL the time about doing the exact same trip again. Maybe for a anniversary. You can see post from Naramata HERE. I feel like we’ve been to the moon and back since then – feels like ages ago!

So, that’s why it’s taken us SO long to get here. We had been thinking about this trip for YEARS by the time we actually got there. We were so happy when we finally dropped our bags in our villa and could really take it all in. Very lucky indeed.

We went all out for this trip – it was our honeymoon after all! We rented a villa in an area called Canggu. I’ll talk more about the place we stayed and whatnot in a future post. But the area itself was lovely! Lots of tiny shops, a beach very close by, restaurants and bars. All the people in the area were super hip and cool – way cooler than us haha.

Ken found this villa we ended up booking. It was called the Ametis Villa Bali and it was set for a king and queen! It was 4000sq feet of pure luxury, a private pool, full kitchen – everything you could need. Certainly honeymoon worthy.

On our second day in Bali we stumbled upon this bazaar and had a little look around. It was only about a 10 minute walk from our villa and was full of purses, clothing, jewellery and souvenirs. All I bought was a little romper. I have a really hard time purchasing things when people are pushy – I hate to haggle! I let Ken do that for me 🙂

We vlogged most of the days we were in Bali (including this one). The first one should be live as you are reading this – so make sure to give it a watch HERE 🙂


Skirt (would be great for fall too!) $11 – Buy it HERE

Tank – old from Asos

Sunglasses – Buy them HERE

Purse ($13) – Buy it HERE

Necklace – Buy it HERE

Earrings (Sold out) Similar ones HERE


One of Ken’s favourite parts about Canggu was that there was surfing beaching a few minutes walk from our Villa. He was in Heaven. He was only able to get out to surf a couple of times (more on that later) but he LOVED it.

My nerdy ginger surfing husband (L).

There are lots more Bali posts coming so stay tuned! This was just a quick Bali outfit and a couple of pictures from our first villa we stayed in. I hope you enjoyed!

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Xo, Andrea

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    What is name of the villa?

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