I feel like I’ve been totally out of the loop with the blog and social media lately.

Usually I’m on Instagram stories almost daily, but lately it’s been a lot less. I don’t think I’ve posted ANYTHING on my feed or on Instagram stories in at least a week. I was starting to get messages asking if all was well here in Singapore – which was actually very nice to see people had noticed my absents!

I still haven’t posted anything on instagram. Unusual for me, but I came to write a little bit here on the blog first. I still have no motivation to post on Instagram at the moment. It’s a real love hate relationship for me. A day, a few days, a week – off Instagram can do wonders though.

It didn’t start off as an intention mini break. Early last week I was knocked on my butt with a nasty cold that had me sprawled our on the couch for 2 days straight. On the 3rd day, my family from Canada arrived for a visit here with us in Singapore. I hardly EVER get sick, but of course I get sick a few days before my family flys half way across the world to visit us!

Anyways, I pushed through that 3rd and 4th day and took the gang out for a spin around Singapore. We went to hawkers for dinner, Palawan Beach, hopped on and off the MRT – it was 2 full days of exploring. I still had zero energy so I couldn’t be bothered to lug a camera around with me or snap pictures. The few that are in this post are about all I got in 4 days. By the 5th day I had to take a time out and stay at home. I ended up having TWO naps that day and sleeping though the night. I’m not a napper AT ALL so I knew it was very necessary to really kick the cold.

Luckily the big sleep day did the trick and I woke up feeling like a new women. THANK GOD! I was starting to think I was dying or pregnant! I couldn’t believe how tried I was! Normally I’m an early riser but I could have slept right through the whole day and still be tired.

So glad that’s over now.

So that’s where I’ve been lately. Didn’t disappear from Instagram on purpose. But between getting sick, having the family in town while being sick and having no interest in Instagram right now – it made for some radio silence. I’m sure I’ll be back at it in no time.

As you can see, mom is having a blast in Singapore so far. They still can’t believe how hot it is here – even in the rain. Canadians in Singapore, hey? Haha I think they’ll appreciate the crisp fall weather when they return home.

Don’t forget I post a few video on my youtube channel every WEEKEND, and often in the middle of the week as well. You can subscribe HERE (it’s free!) so you don’t miss a post!

Xo, Andrea



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