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Covering something every women needs to know about today. Ways to tuck the front of your blouse. 5 Super easy and simple ways to look and feel put together. Tucking blouses is something that can be confusing to some (does it look right? is it tucked too much? too little?) But trust me, it really is super easy once you have these 5 options in your noggin.

Starting with the base of my outfit. I’m wearing a vintage Levis denim skirt I’ve had for YEARS! And a retro style blouse that I thrifted when we were still back at home in Canada. Personally I feel that all these tucking options work best with high waist bottoms, but it works with lower rise options as well. Any way you do it, tucking your blouse just makes the outfit look more complete, purposeful and more stylish. You can’t go wrong with any of these options, but of course we all have our preferences 🙂

Skirt (similar) : HERE

Blouse (similar) : HERE, HERE

My necklace : HERE

thrifted blouse

vintage levi skirt


Starting things off with what I think most people gravitate towards – the full tuck. This one is simply tucking your blouse into your bottoms all the way around. Personally, this is my least favourite of all the tucks – it just feels too done up for my style. Having said that, if you work in an office setting, this one is for you! It works great with suits and more formal atmospheres. The trick to this one is to make sure you smooth your shirt down under so you don’t get un wanted lumps and bumps that add bulk to your frame.

I most often find I use this one most when I’m wearing high waist skirts or shorts and want to tuck a simple t-shirt in.

A few examples of that are HERE, HERE, HERE

front tuck blouse

how to half tuck blouse


Up next is a simple little knot – easy! I love this one especially with high waist skirts because you can tug it nice and tight to accent your waist to give a more flattering figure. The knot has a very young and playful (and retro!) feel to it that I really love. The only problem with it is that you can’t do this one was tops like T-shirts because you need the two ears of the blouse to create a nice knot effect. If you really wanted this look with a t-shirt I’d suggest a simple loop knot to avoid stretching the heck out of your t-shirt (see an example HERE)

You can see an example of it HERE

how to tuck a blouse

thrifted outfit


I don’t use this one as much as I should –  don’t know why – maybe because my style is often very girly and the half tuck feels much more laid back and casual to my style – but ever since we moved to Amsterdam I can feel myself gravitating towards it more. The best way to rock the half tuck is to KEEP IT MESSY! It really is no good if it’s done perfectly – the idea is that it’s messy, undone, casual and effortless. Just grab one side of your blouse, stuff it in your waist band and however it lands is how it stays. If you fuss with it too much it loses it’s cool factor.

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thrift shopping


Ok , one of my favourite ways to tuck the front of your blouse…My go-to tuck. I VERY rarely leave any kind of top untucked so I do this tuck nearly everyday. The biggest reason I do it is because I have pretty short legs so by wearing something high waisted and then tucking my top into the  waist, it gives the illusion of longer legs. I use the front tuck most because it showcases the top of my waist band (all the way to the top button! Gotta get all the extra leg length I can get!). Every CM counts! The other bonus is that if you tuck it smooth enough and tight enough, it gives you a nice smooth stomach from the side. However, if your tummy is your trouble area, I would recommend keeping it a little loose to help hide that area.

You can see examples of this tuck HERE, HERE and HERE


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retro blouse


This one isn’t one I would do with a top like I’m wearing in these photos simply because there is no need – this blouse tucks beautifully in all the other ways. However, I wanted to add it in here because it’s one I use a lot in the Fall and Winter with bulky sweaters that I can’t tuck into jeans because it just adds SO much volume to my waist. So, when I have a sweater that isn’t cropped but I want the appearance of a cropped sweater (again to elongate the legs), I’ll simply pull the fabric together, secure it with any kind of elastic and tuck it UP and UNDER. This controls the extra fabric and doesn’t give you the dreaded pooch in the top of your pants.

easy outfit ideas

And it’s that easy! Play around with the different options and figure out what suits your style and body shape best!

What are your favourite ways to tuck the front of your blouse?

I hope this was helpful!

What is your favourite tucking method? Let me know below 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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