ivory felt hat

I snapped this photo earlier, LOVED how it turned out and quickly realized why. There are at least 3 things in this photo that I really really love right now, especially as we get closer to the Fall season.

So here are 3 things I’m loving right now for Fall, all in 1 picture…

no makeup makeup


Oh my, the ivory hat obsession is real! I have a few other tonal hats I love but I just couldn’t stop thinking about a beautiful ivory hat. Let’s be honest the dream hat is the Lack of Colour versions but they come at a price (although my birthday is coming up..hmm…).

I just think you can’t beat a clean neutral look. A hat just takes it to the next level.

I found this one on Asos Marketplace and I think it was one of a kind, so I’m unable to link it but if you have it in your budget, THIS ONE  is only $44 and the one from Lack of colour is the DREAM!

easy hair ideas


If you guys have been following along on Youtube and Instagram (FYI I post a new video to Youtube every Saturday at 9AM PST) then you’d know that I’ve recently become obsessed with loose mermaid waves I create with THIS hair tool. I LOVE it. It’s so different from my usual curls and makes for a glorious effortless look. Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s the new surroundings here in Amsterdam where people are very laidback – either way – I’m loving the change.

Another style I’m embracing is this loose bun look. A good scrunchie would have elevated it but I lost mine the day I got it – haha So un like me – seriously!

The key to it is pull a few random pieces out at the front, leave a loose piece over your ears (felt weird at first but it really does make all the difference with this look) and keep the bun LOOSE. It takes everything in this virgo not to pull that sucker tight but it does look awesome 🙂

ivory wide brim hat


Again, very evident in my youtube videos – I love a good natural face. And Ken does too actually – he prefers it to a full face of makeup. I almost feel weird now what a full face of makeup – almost like I’ve painted my face haha. I usually go for a full face on the weekend if we are out in the evening but most days go for the au natural. Not only does it take less than 3 minutes to do but it makes getting ready for bed at night a breeze.

Personally I think it really completes the look! It’s kind of Little House on the Prairie but I love it 🙂

wide brim hat

That’s it! 3 things I’m loving right now for Fall – all in 1 picture!

NEUTRAL AND NATURAL! And we are ready for fall 🙂

What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Xo, Andrea


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