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Can you believe we are well into September already!? I feel like it hit us like a brick wall. Almost overnight we went from dripping sweat heatwaves to deciding what sweater and coat I needed for the day. Literally happened over night! No doubt that Amsterdam is getting ready for Fall. I can’t complain, this will be our first fall season in 2 years! This time last year we were living in Singapore where the weather is consistently 32 degrees and %100 humidity – not the Fall season we are used to in Vancouver – haha. When we planned to make the move to Singapore during that time of the year, I really didn’t think the loss of the season would bother me that much but WHOA was I wrong! I missed it SO much and made the homesickness so much worse. Especially because it was leading into the Christmas season which I live for. It was really hard watching everyone back home in cozy sweaters, at Christmas markets, sipping on warm drinks! Although we loved our time in Singapore – I really wanted to be home. I actually craved sweaters and cozy feeling so much that on more than one occasion I cranked our AC in our Singapore apartment and cooked up meals of chilli, soups, stews – anything that reminded me of home and Fall. It helped a little I suppose – haha!

Jeans : HERE

Shoes : HERE

My necklace : HERE

Jacket (old) Similar : HERE

Hat : Asos Marketplace (similar options HERE)

Hair styled with : HERE

ivory hat trend

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So, to say that I am excited to experience a real Fall season here in Amsterdam is an understatement. You really can’t beat Fall and the Christmas season in Europe. In my opinion it’s the best time to be here. Both Ken and I can’t wait to see the leaves change and the air to cool – it smells so good! It would be a dream to see the canals freeze – Ken had visions of skating to work on the canals – but apparently they don’t freeze anymore. What a bummer! If you look on pinterest, you can see pictures of years past when the canals where full of people spending their days skating around on the canals – so cool.

lack of colour hat

best spots in Amsterdam

how to style flared jeans

Last weekend was one of the first day I really did need a coat for our little outing. Gettting ready for fall in Amsterdam -woohoo! I’m still working on stretching out my new jeans so I wore them a few days in a row and did a lot of deep squats. I really needed the next size up but it doesn’t exist. I loved them so much that I kept them and I’m trying to cool it on the beer and nachos to make them fit – haha! With the 70’s trend back in full swing. you have to have a good pair of flare jeans. These ones are perfect to me for a few reasons:

– They are the perfect mid tone blue (also very 70’s)

– They are high waist

– They are non stretch (although I wish they had a tiny bit of stretch so I could breathe – a non stretch denim feels more retro to me)

-They have a subtle easy to wear flare to them (not a huge flare that eats you up)

-They have a simple single slit at the knee that makes them look warn in and also makes them more comfortable to wear (they don’t slide down as much when there is a slit at the knee)

-They are a great length (I’m about 5’4) so I don’t have to wear heels with them but could wear a small kitten heel if I wanted

You can buy these jeans HERE – must have for Fall in my opinion.

medium wash denim

flared jeans

afoordable denim for fall

These shoes are also worth noting. If you follow along on my youtube channel you are aware of my obsession with flat neutral slip on shoes. I can’t help myself it’s a compulsion! So these ones were recently added to the collection. I LOVE them. It’s hard to tell from these pictures but they have a cool woven effect to them which makes them very interesting. SUPER comfy but they do fit on the small size – I should have gone up a size but I’m going to make them work. They are also under $20 – you can’t go wrong!

affordable trends for fall


What are you looking forward to as Fall sets in. How are you getting ready for Fall? Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks for following along! I really appreciate it – REALLY! I would also love to hear what you would like to see more of here on the blog – I’m going to try to bring it back from the dead 🙂

Xo, Andrea


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  1. Judy
    September 28, 2019 / 8:38 pm

    I know what you mean about the Autumn Today I went up to visit my cossin in the mountains. The leaves were falling like ripened plums . The tips of the leaves look like they were dipped in melted colorful wax. I took my little convertible out & the fresh scent of the dampened earth brought back long ago memories. The cool breeze brought a sudden chill across my face. The rays of the sun left long shadows across the forest floor.
    Turning the AC up in Singapore to have the feeling of Fall & making Fall soups is so warming. My Aunt & Uncle when they moved to Florida many years ago with their children she missed the snow so much at Christmas with their children she paid to have artificial snow on their lawn !!
    Love your outfit !

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