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As promised, a list of Fall wish list and trend items that I’ve been eying for this season! I asked you guys on instagram a few weeks ago whether you’d be interested in seeing a few things that are on my mind, in my shopping carts or just on a never ending wish list in my mind and I was pleasantly surprised to see the interest! The reason I asked if you would find this helpful is because I am just terrible with technology (I know, a blogger and vlogger that thought herself photography and videography that is terrible with technology ahah, yup.) and often find myself becoming very frustrated with these collage style posts. Now that I’ve done this one, I’m realized it isn’t so bad – practice does make perfect. Not that this is perfect, but it certainly got much easier as I went along 🙂

Long story short, I hope you guys like it and I would really appreciate your support by using my links in this post – it doesn’t cost you a cent more to use them. Not only does it help support this thing I do by providing a tiny kickback but it also gives me a good idea as to what you guys are interested in and which items you like and click on most 🙂 Happy shopping!

Click the images of the items below to shop from the collage :

To further break things down, I’m adding a few rows of more items that caught my eye broken down by category of favourites.

Brown boots :

Brown boots are at the top of my list to buy right now. I just recently purchased my lovely white boots (here) so I’m going to wait for now but these are the drool worthy ones I’ve picked :

Levis and Levi look-a-likes :

I recently found the most amazing pair of vintage Levis at a shop here in Amsterdam and and to really try hard not to wear them everyday! Seriously, they look great with so many things. I particularly a good double denim matchup. You can see a few ways I’ve styled the Canadian tux HERE and HERE.

Ivory wide brim hat :

I can’t do this post without mentioning the ivory hat. This is one of those things that I could wear everyday, easy. It adds so much to very outfit. The one I wear most (see on Instagram HERE) is from ASOS Marketplace – so there was only 1 available and therefore unlinkable. If my current ivory hat ends up with a stain on it, the one below would quickly be on it’s way to me :

Hair styler :

I LOVE this thing. I’ve been curling my hair the same way for YEARS and as much as I love my classic curls, I do love this change up, especially with a hat on! You can how I style the waves in THIS post and on my instagram HERE.

Satin skirts :

You can’t go wrong with these , they are very trendy at the moment and best of all COMFORTABLE! I have one in a hot pink as well as a ivory one. I love that you can dress them down with band t’s and leather jacket or with a print blouse to dress it up.

All Graphic T-shirts :

Ok, not ALL of them (there are a lot of ugly ones out there) but I do love a lot of them. Here are a few of my favourites :

White/Ivory boots :

I’ve been going ON and ON about these white boots. Are you tired of hearing about them yet!? I just LOVE them and they are so different to boots I would normally go for – they make all my outfits look way more effortless and cool – at least I think so 🙂

Cowboy boots :

This is another pick that is very different for me. The cowboy boot trend has been around for a little while but just recently I have found myself very drawn to it. Personally, I think a second hand pair of cowboy boots are best (I got mine at a thrift shop and they are perfectly rugged) but there are also plenty of great options online as well :

90’s green dresses :

I got hooked on this colour green when we were still back home in Vancouver and I found this amazing green knit sweater. Ever since then my love has blossomed for THIS ultimate (and affordable) green dress! So comfy and looks great on everyone! I can’t wait to wear it more through the fall with a ivory cable knit sweater and my white boots :

So there we have it, a complete list of my Fall wish list and trend items for 2019. I hope that was help for your Fall shopping and you find something you like in there – let me know what you love or hate – either is fine! haha

Xo, Andrea


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