EASY DIY halloween costumes

Ok, I had to throw it back to one of my ALL TIME favourite costumes I ever did. Of course I had my “slutty” costumes years in high school – you will NOT see those pictures here on my blog haha – but this creepy girls costume was WAY better than any I ever bought out of a package. I got the amazing dress from the thrift store, added some red bows to my hair, found a creepy doll (also from the thrift store for a few dollars) and googled creepy girl makeup. I LOVED IT. And I got so into character over the course of the night – just imagine that creepy face, not speaking a word, hiding behind a wall in the dark room as you come around the corner. These pictures are from a blog post from when I very first started my blog (also very fun to look back on that haha) – you can see the whole post HERE if you want to see a few more inspiration pictures. My sister played photographer for me and we had a blast getting into the Halloween spirit trying to get the scariest shot we could – even all these years later – I think we did an amazing job! Especially considering my limited camera knowledge at the time 🙂

Anyways, onto the movie portion and the point of this blog post, sharing the best halloween movies list for 2019. I’ve said it a few times over on my Instagram and on my youtube channel but I am a huge movie repeater. I pick my favourite few movies of the season and watch them over and over again. I’m not exaggerating when I say I watch these movies in circles ALL-DAY-LONG. Once the credits roll, I rewind and start again. A bit a weird, I know, but I know a lot of you are like me too! So, here are the TOP 5 creepy/Halloween movies that have been haunting our house all October :

Hocus Pocus

Bride of Chucky

The Craft

Scream (The original – #1)

The Shinning

Bonus options that didn’t quite make the list (for a variety of reasons) include :



The house on Haunted Hill

Stranger Things (although we are currently re watching from the beginning)

So there you have it, the best halloween movies list for 2019 (some of them are just nostalgic but you get the point) to get you in the mood for the up coming celebrations! You really can’t beat that list, but if you have other options you’d love to share, please leave them down below – I’d love to hear from you. And you never know, you might change my mind of a few of them!

Scare you later!


creepy halloween costumes


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  1. Judy
    November 10, 2019 / 12:18 am

    this is awesome you & your sister did a great job I would pee my pants if I ran into you like this !

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