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I posted this easy white outfit in Amsterdam on instagram the other day (I often post my daily looks there – @aandreaclare) and you guys went wild for it! I don’t think I’ve has quite the response on a outfit – haha! It was great! Funny thing is, it’s one of those outfits that just kind of happened without thought – don’t you love when that happens. Those are always the best outfits, no doubt about it. Long story short, we had been at a very late birthday party the night before and let’s just say, I was feeling my age the next day, well, probably about 40 years older. Yikes! I thought for sure I’d be on the couch all day but at about 3pm or so we managed to get our life together and head out for a walk. We went into the city centre to get a a new bottle of Facial Fuel that Ken loves and then walked around a little bit before finding an outdoor spot for a little hair of the dog – and boy was it needed. FYI, this was all documented on my Instagram stories, so if you aren’t following there -you’re missing out! It’s just @aandreaclare on Instagram. 

Anyways, I loved this outfit I managed to put together to feel human again. So simple, effortless, chic, and fits nice a loose which was a plus because I wasn’t exactly feeling top notch after a night of beer – ticks all the boxes. The overalls and sweater are actually quite old – which makes the outfit even better in my opinion – shop your stash! But I’ve linked very similar items/items that would give you a very similar look when paired together. The shoes are my trusty Toms (this years version linked) that I talk about at NAUSEAM. But I really love them so much – they can be a bit tough to find but check out these, these and these for a similar look. The sunnies are also a favourite that I reach for a lot. They are a dupe for the amazing Rayban ones (shop HERE). I think once the ones I have crap out on me, I’ll splurge on the Rayban version – commitment!

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate how adorable this little corner in the Jordaan area of Amsterdam is. We actually have a friend that lives a few doors down, looking over this canal – dreamy!

You can shop all the items by clicking on the items below :

amsterdam outfit

blonde in all white outfit in amsterdamamterdam summer



Just before I go, I thought I’d share what I posted to Instagram stories so you can actually see the combo I put together, Ie. oversized overalls over a oversized sweater. Thats the key to this look – you don’t want anything form fitting otherwise it just starts to look a little too overdone. So, if you choose to purchase anything to recreate this look MAKE SURE you order at least a size or 2 up from your usual size.

I think that’s all I got for now – thanks for following along and reading!

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Xo, Andrea


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