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The best neutral mules for summer

If you follow along on my youtube channel – which is where I am every Saturday at 9AM PST (follow HERE) – you know my obsession with neutral mule slide on shoes – specifically my Toms. Honestly, I’m the best free ambassador they ever did see – haha! I talk about them ALL the time. In fact, I just wrote another blog post HERE talking about them – again! Anyways, although these shoes are shoe perfection, they can be hard to get your hands on. I have been been trying to be a little easier on my own pair I got about a year ago because they are starting to look a little worse for wear – which is to be expected because they are almost the only shoe I wear. Toms recently did a site sale in which their current style was on Sale (shop HERE) but they tend to go in an out of stock. I did find another site that has the same version I have on sale, which you can shop HERE. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes when I found them. On clearance, my original version, 2 day free shipping! I had to go for it. And now that I have them in my hands, I’m tempted to buy another pair – no joke – I’m going to check the site again after I’m done writing this post and if my size in still in stock – I’m doing it! You can’t go wrong!

Anyways, I know so many of you love them as much as I do but just can’t get your hands on them so I scoured the internet looking for similar mules from a variety of sites so hopefully you can find something that suits you and that delivers to where ever you are in the world! I took my time choosing these – they are all mules I would buy myself if I couldn’t get my hands on another pair of the original Toms. So if you’re looking for the perfect summer mule that goes with everything (see more inspiration pictures below) – here you go!

You can click on the images below to shop :

Here are a few more imagines from Instagram and Instagram stories as inspiration on how I wear them – which is basically with everything – haha!

neutral outfits

easy summer outfit

living in amsterdam

Xo, Andrea


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